Friday, June 25, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Tilda Swinton is fab, Kinks bassist dies, Tweedy covers Beyonce, and a year ago today, two icons died

Well, they say you can't go home. Or at least Bon Jovi does. But I am. And what better way to end this exhausting 13th week than to post Jay-Z's "On To The Next One" video? Remember when he premiered it on New Year's Eve? A night with grandma. Dancing with my brother and sister. Watching my dear friend throw up around midnight in front of his brand new girlfriend. Ahh, yes. Probably the best New Year's Eve, like, ever. Do not forget to have your television tuned to your local ABC outlet at around 2:30 tomorrow afternoon to take in the monumental United States knockout match. If we win, I might just run around my hometown naked. That's true, too. Hopefully you enjoyed this week. We offered up another installment of our Blogspot Banter series. We saw an end come to our Signs of Summer series both here and here. We broke some breaking news that "Entourage" will be done after the next season. And we had a wonderful discussion on birds. Was it as fun for you as it was for us? Good, that's what we thought. Before you run and enjoy for first official weekend of summer, though, take a glance at few links, buy some red, white and blue face paint and don't forget to tip your bartenders this weekend. Do not forget, friends. Love, you, miss you.

John Wall went No. 1 overall last night, and here’s a look at how Bill Simmons’ day went. More importantly: The Hawks wound up with Jordan Crawford, just like I had hoped. Love his upside. (ESPN)

Pete Quaife, the original bassist for The Kinks, died. Favorite song of mine: “A Well Respected Man.” (Rolling Stone)

Washington Post
hires blogger thinking he’s a conservative. Turns out, he’s a liberal. And now he’s fired. (Politico)

According to this link, professors tend to believe journalists aren’t smart enough to handle certain stories. Thanks, college. (The Atlantic)

An interview with Tilda Swinton. “Michael Clayton” will forever be in my top 10 movies, ever. And until recently, I could confidently say it was in the top 5. And my God, she’s absolutely fabulous in it. (Popmatters)

Like we said up top: 2:30 tomorrow. U.S. vs. Ghana. Get your mind right people. This tournament is only a success if we get to the semis. (Philadelphia Daily News)

A year ago today, Michael Jackson died. So much could be said and linked, but we opt for this interview with the phenomenal guitarist that showed up in “This Is It,” Orianthi. (MTV)

That said, Farrah Fawcett also died a year ago today. Man, she was beautiful. (The Money Times)

Wilco’s frontman covers “Single Ladies.” It doesn’t get better for that band than Sky Blue Sky. I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin.’ (Pitchfork)

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