Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ut Oh, America

Went to the final warm-up the United States had in America for the World Cup over the weekend. It was suggested to me – by the other half of this particular blog – that I take a camera with me to post photos for you lovely faces to see. But alas, as Mr. George Clooney proclaims in the fabulous “Up In The Air,” “Pictures are for people who have bad memories.” And, I’d like to add parenthetically, people with cameras. So I have no original art for you, though I do have this…

Yeah, that wasn’t from me, either, but when the camera panned right, I was behind that goal. Did you see me? Wait. You don’t even know what I look like. Anyways, the time, of course, was fantastic, and for all of you futbol haters out there (which is pretty much everybody who reads this blog), there’s absolutely nothing like international live soccer. I don’t care if you think seeing a live football, basketball, baseball or hockey game is great. This is better. Times a gabillion. Promise. Even with the suburn.

Anyways, I write this not only to brag about how I was there (hehe), but also to translate some reaction to seeing this version of the American team in front of my face. That translation? Goodness, the United States is in trouble. With only one more warm-up left (8 a.m. Saturday against Australia in South Africa. Be there, be up.), it’s hard to think the Americans are a lock to even get out of the group stage, let alone manage an upset against England.

The U.S.’s defense is leaky at the very best. The Americans were more than lucky to escape the first half of play with a mere one-goal deficit. The starting 11 looked so flat and uninspired (with the exception of goalkeeper Tim Howard, who was visibly upset with his backline throughout all of the first 45), it became alarming to think the World Cup kicks off in two weeks.

Ironically enough, this was posted Sunday, and while there have been rumblings about this notion for quite some time now, I have never fully agreed with it until seeing the squad play Saturday. The defense needs sured up so much that adding an extra defender may just be the difference in who makes the round of 16 and who doesn’t. The Turks didn’t even qualify to make the trip to South Africa, and they gave more than the Americans could handle. Do you honestly think they’ll be able to walk all over a feisty Slovenia squad ready to shock the world?

Yes, it should be interesting. Now, before I bore you too much, here are the highlights from Saturday’s match. Neat: Each of the three goals were scored on the side I was on. Burned and voiceless was a small price to pay.


  1. "Wait. You don’t even know what I look like."

  2. DC bars are allowed to open early for the World Cup. I can go into a bar as early at 7:30am. Beer for breakfast anyone???

  3. Trying to plan something crazy for next Saturday's game. Your idea sounds better than whatever I'll come up with.