Thursday, June 24, 2010

Piven says 'Entourage' has a timeline, Turtle immediately begins looking for work

Though my better half couldn’t make it today, thus forcing you, the lovely reader, to have a pretty me-heavy week’s work of writing, I will spare you a World Cup post…until Monday. As for now, I present you with the first Thursday without a sign of summer since 1996.

Hey, “Entourage” kicks off its new season Sunday. Are you interested? Didn’t think so.

But Jeremy Piven was on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" last night. Did you catch it? Knew he was on, but didn’t give it much thought (Still can’t get over the fact that he wears a toupee). Knowing my love for Ari Gold, my roommate turned it on and suggested I come see. Begrudgingly, I sat through the final segment. And I only say begrudgingly because Jay Leno annoys me. A lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

Anyways, buried in all of this was a nugget of news I was unaware of. Season eight of “Entourage” will be the series’ last. I was…stunned.

Yes, the plot is irrelevant and predictable, and yes, many fans jumped the shark years ago. But what makes this ominous to me is the fact that the show has been able to gain a core audience of viewers that simply like the show for what it is. Maybe some people have run away, but it’s surprising to find the amount of people who haven’t completely given up on the show, admitting to rely on its odd sense of charm to get them through the last few seasons.

Even more interesting? Piven also flippantly mentioned the notion of a possible “Entourage” movie once it’s all said and done. And….boom goes the dynamite.

“Sex And The City” became a massive hit in theaters. In fact, some may argue the show held more of a grip on popular culture after it was cancelled, thrown into syndication and subsequently made a movie out of. Hey, fabulous ladies. What do you think a counterpart to a show like “Sex And The City” would be for men? That’s right, friends: The bro-happy story of five dudes doing dude things in Hollywood. Add that to the fact that the show is already in syndication (on the most dude-happy network of them all, “Spike), and what you have is a recipe for a possible saturation of all things “Entourage” within the next few years.

Does the show have the legs to pull something like that off? Really, really doubt it. But does the show still hold a substantial crowd’s interest even though most people have already dismissed it seasons ago? Yes. What does that add up to? I’m not really sure, though I’m awfully curious to find out.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for this upcoming season….

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