Wednesday, June 9, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Make way for Mr. West, Ben Roethlisberger news and John Stamos is headed to "Glee"

I cannot get songs from this album out of my head! Yes, that's an exclamation point, too. Last week, I posted a performance of "Like A Dog" along with The Ride, and even that wasn't enough. Sat down earlier this week to pen a column paying tribute to this entire record. That, too, was not enough. Because when I sat down to compile the material for today's Ride, I couldn't get the line "Despite what you believe, I stay away from trouble," out of my head. So alas, instead of another performance that you clearly have no interest in, I thought I'd spare you with a simple picture of the album cover. Should have had a Powderfinger week, damnit. Ahhh, goodness. Moving forward, it's Wednesday, raining and cold. Wait, it's June, right? Has to be, because a pitcher made his major league debut last night and the world stood still for two hours. Come on, Nats. You started him against AAA-Pittsburgh. It's not that big of a deal. Can't be. Anyways, if it happens to be raining and cold wherever you are, it may be a good night to settle in with a bottle of wine and catch up on some blog reading. There is our World Cup prediction. There are countless signs of summer to acquaint yourself with. And, of course, there are the links below that you may use at your own leisure. Whichever it be, we hope you enjoy. Honestly, though.

He’s coming. Kanye West to perform at the BET awards later this month. Taylor Swift, coincidentally, pulled out of the ceremony today. (All Hip-Hop)

Sexism, the Chicago Tribune and hockey. Love Christine Brennan. (USA Today)

The New York Times
’ ombudsman will pen his last column this weekend. So does that mean they are accepting resumes? (Media Matters)

The headline says it all. “Back To The Future” and “Jurassic Park” will become video games. (Yahoo)

Whoa. John Stamos is going to join the cast of “Glee.” No word on if Michelle or Stephanie will join him. (TV Guide)

Police have released tapes of the interviews done during the Ben Roethlisberger case. Just when you thought the story had begun to fade, too. This seems damning. (ESPN)

Anybody happen to be in Nashville? Anybody like Conan O’Brien? Anybody like Jack White? You might want to click on this then. (Pitchfork)

Oh, wow. Larry King’s wife overdosed. (Fox News)

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