Thursday, June 3, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The perfect game that wasn't, a new way for writers to make money, and how does Christina Hendricks come in second in anything?

“Sure, I got you. New Wave feminist, college-educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over-scheduled, under-sexed. You buy any magazine that says ‘Healthy Body image’ on the cover and every two years, you take up knitting…for a week.” In honor of the first Thursday without a new "30 Rock" in months, we give you this photo and the preceding quote from none other than Jack Donaghy when he met Liz Lemon for the very first time. Ahh, the memories. Anyways, logged in to begin this post and came across the fact that today's signs of summer post was our 100th. Wow. 100 is a lot to do of anything, let alone a silly little blog. The milestones keep coming. Thursday would usually mean the only night I sit to watch 30 minutes of television, but because the summer is here and new television programs are relegated to episodes of "America's Got Talent," Thursday has been reduced back to "the day before Friday." Regardless, check out the links before heading out to begin the first weekend of June early, and always remember to drink your milk like that guy from "Inglorious Basterds" and Daniel Plainview. Be good.

Submitted by a friend earlier this morning. He even pops up in the comments section every now and then. For fans of the band that haven't jumped the shark, this is endearing in it's own way. (You Tube)

Saw this everywhere, so I thought it’d be an idea to link it here, too. Woman fired from bank from “being too hot.” (AOL)

It’s like picking from 10,000 sour patch kids with this story. We’ll only offer this one up for now, though. Major League Baseball may review and overturn the call that led to Armando Galarraga not coming away with a perfect game last night. (ESPN)

Neat in a sad kind of way. A site is developed for unemployed journalists to sell their stories for 99 cents and up. (Business Journalism)

Wow. Remember those Christina Hendricks pictures from Esquire we linked to a few weeks back? Remember how they proclaimed her the best looking woman in America? That was supposed to be Scarlett Johansson. Don Draper sighs. (National Post)

Members of Anthrax and Fall Out Boy joined to form a band. And they played live. Bizarre. (Spin)

Sad: Golden Girl Rue McClanahan died. Is Betty White the only one left now? (People)

The headline says all you need to know – The good, the bad, the ugly of Zuckerberg. Still hate Facebook. (CNN)

The dude who won “American Idol” released his first single – U2’s “Beautiful Day.” And it sold almost 100,000 copies. What’s wrong with you people? (Reality TV World)


  1. Update: They won't reverse the call.