Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JaMarcus Russell - Black eye #486 for the NFL

So is it still considered a fall from grace even if you never did anything graceful? And know this: JaMarcus Russell hasn’t had a graceful moment since he peaked as an LSU Tiger back in 2006.

If you haven’t heard by now, Russell, who was recently released by the Oakland Raiders, was arrested Monday for possession of a controlled substance. What controlled substance you ask? Well he’s a multi-millionaire who spent three years living the glitz and glamour life of a starting quarterback in the NFL, so obviously it must have been a high profile drug… right?

Nope. Not even close. In true JaMarcus Russell form (see: embarrassing, disappointing, lazy) he was busted with codeine-laced cough syrup. Specifically, Russell was indulging in his cocktail du jour, a concoction called “Purple Drank” that includes the following fresh, seasonal ingredients: codeine, promethazyne, Sprite and Jolly Ranchers.

Even his fellow drug abusers are pointing and laughing at this one. Purple Drank?! Really?! It sounds like the next in a line of successful sugary kids’ drinks from the makers of Tang. Maybe someday the astronauts will drink it from outer space.

I don’t think anyone is necessarily surprised to see this kind of behavior from Russell (the lethargic, drowsy feeling caused by the drug certainly helps explain his performance on the field, hey-yo!), but it’s yet another black eye for the NFL, a league that has become so strife with off the field problems that it’s quickly becoming a caricature of itself.

Something has to give soon, right? I realize that other professions aren’t in the same spotlight as NFL superstars, but when are there enough high-profile off-the-field incidents for someone to say enough is enough? Truth be told, I’m not even sure what the solution or outcome should be, but isn’t that what suits like Roger Goodell are paid the big bucks to figure out? I know we live in a very, sometimes entirely too forgiving country (Michael Vick what?), but at some point Goodell and his cronies need to realize the big-picture harm they’re doing by not solving this problem.

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  1. What can the NFL do, though? Goodell has cracked down on and suspended players more than any other commissioner in the past.

    Russell's going to be playing for the UFL next season.

  2. @Stacey - Pitiful, indeed. Pathetic, absolutely.

    @... - Like I said, I don't know the solution, but that's what they pay Goodell and company for. I do know this: you would have to be blind to NOT see the big picture sociological problems that the NFL is contributing to in a big way (i.e. - accountability for one's actions, etc).