Friday, July 2, 2010

...For The Ride Home: More awful concert news, Betty White is being saught after yet again and summer music releases

I just can't get the opening drum lick of this song out of my head. So in turn, we offer this song up as we conclude week 14 and head into the always social Fourth of July weekend. What better way to go off into the sunset than some depressing pop punk, anyways, right? It's been a heck of a week, hasn't it? We talked about reading suggestions for the summer, the oh-so-important five dollar movie bins and Harry Potter even made an appearance. As we understand, most people will be off Monday in celebration of the quintessential summer holiday, so we plan to meet you back here Tuesday morning, ready and eager for provocative, intelligent discussion that will probably include more silly things. Until then, check out a few links, remember to use sun block this weekend and most of all, celebrate the holiday with good food. Good food is essential to any good time, you know. As always, friends, love you, miss you.

It keeps coming and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Lilith Fair forced to cancel 10 dates because of ticket sales. And yes, this is now the official concert industry doom and gloom site. (Billboard)

ESPN The Magazine
is moving its operations to Bristol. Get those resumes ready, sportswriters. (Deadspin)

Very interesting: The origin of drawings (as opposed to actual pictures) coming out of courtrooms. Why the ban of cameras? (Wall Street Journal)

Cussing and NPR. Honestly. (NPR)

Somebody thinks Katie Couric will, in fact, succeed Larry King at CNN. Hey. At least it’s not the “Today” show. (Denver Post)

A guide to upcoming music releases offered from none other than your favorite indie music Web site, Pitchfork. Nice to see The Hives are still making music. (Pitchfork)

The “Twilight” kids want Betty White in the next installment of the series. We love Betty White, but come on. When is all this kind of stuff going to finally come to a halt. Maybe the woman wants a break now and then. (E!Online)

As a life-long Atlanta Hawks fan, this completely breaks my heart. Joe Johnson is set to sign quite possibly the worst, most damaging deal in NBA history. Goodbye, the next five years. (Yahoo)

Lindsay Lohan was punched by a waitress on her 24th birthday. Wait. She’s only 24? (MSNBC)

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  1. I think this is the best time for you to become an Orlando Magic fan. Unless you like Orlando pounding Atlanta game in and game out...