Thursday, July 22, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The Beach Boys are going to reunite, host of 'Nightline' is on his way out and an interview with Taylor Hawkins

Oh, it's going to be so sad to see Soul Week come to an end tomorrow. Today, we offer up one of the most important songs by one of the most important artists in the history of the music, Rufus Thomas' "Walk The Dog." This is a neat video, too. I wanted to get a performance of it that would stay true to the original recording, and lo and behold, I stumbled upon this. And it's even in black and white! So what's up? Not too much here, either. I felt sick yesterday in an awfully weird way. I was super hot. Then I was super cold. My body ached. I didn't really want to eat anything, but that didn't mean I wasn't hungry. And it wasn't as though I needed to hoark. I just didn't want to eat. It was awful. I'm still a bit hazy, even. Don't really understand what's going on with my body. Maybe it's the non-stop fun of Soul Week. That may be it. In any case, here's hoping that you, the fabulously pretty reader, don't feel as physically awful as I do, allowing you to take a gander at a few links below. One more day and then the weekend. You ought to be excited, you know.

The Beach Boys are going to reunite. No, honestly. They are. (Rolling Stone)

I know I’m five seasons behind, but I still love “House.” Hope this stuff doesn’t end up being too damning. (TMZ)

“Do I like a lot of what I hear on rock music radio? No, not for the most part. I’m not a fan of the regurgitated Pearl Jam and Nickelback crap.” An interview with Taylor Hawkins. (Popmatters)

Martin Bashir, the host of the greatest show I never have time to watch, “Nightline,” is leaving the program for MSNBC. (The Huffington Post)

ESPN’s ombudsman tackles the mess that was the LeBron James special. It’s like putting a golf ball on a tee and being promised you could smash it 350 straight down the fairway. Come on, now. Who isn’t going to kill that? (ESPN)

Rapper Lloyd Banks wins an assault charge case. Anybody remember “On Fire?” That was the jam for around six minutes. (All Hip-Hop)

The guy who won the British Open told his caddy that he would be fired after the tournament. Guess how that turned out. (Sports By Brooks)

Bristol and Levi: Poster children for the dumbing down of America. (Washington Post)

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