Monday, July 26, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Super mega tour is announced, LeBron needs to shut up, and welcome to your official "Mad Men" thread

Put serious thought into a "Mad Men" Monday post to generate conversation about the show the day after a new one premiers. Wasn't quite sure how it would go over, so I'm going to use this valuable space to discuss all things "Mad Men" come Mondays. Please feel free to offer any opinions. I'll be sure to check back regularly throughout the day to get a word in with anyone who would like to speak about such things. But, wow. How great was the first episode? Betty reaffirms that she is the worst mother since Hitler. Don's date went absolutely fabulous, and count me in the minority if you have to, but I hope we see more of those two together. Oh, and the lines of the season may have already been uttered - one, when Don explains to Betty how "temporary" certain things are, the other, when he tells Peggy there's no room for a girl in the meeting. And the way the season opens, with the journalist asking the one question that the entire show has been centered around for four years now, "Who is Don Draper?" you know we may be in for quite possibly the best season the show has seen. Yeah, yeah. I know I jump to conclusions. Buy my God, I missed that show. OK. That's just me. Now it's on you (if you so choose, that is). As you do that, take a look at a few of these links, and begin your week in style by checking out the wonderful Hanson tonight on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." You see. It all comes full circle.

So now LeBron James has a hand in Chris Paul’s whereabouts? Come on, now. (The Big Lead)

I really, really like Rufus Wainwright. I do. (Popmatters)

Writer is ma-a-ad about being listed as a member of the now-defunct Journolist. Calls conservatives conspiracy hounds. (Village Voice)

So, everyone loves this “Top Secret America” series, right? (Politico)

The Huffington Post makes one dollar per year per reader. Didn’t know that. (Newsweek)

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Saves The Day, Motion City Soundtrack and Say Anything are touring together? This makes me feel equal parts young, old, excited, sad and happy. Goodness gracious. (Alternative Press)

I want one of these. In a total non-creepy way, of course. No, but seriously. I do. (Fox News)

This seems to be the story of the weekend: Pigeons poop on the Kings of Leon. Insert your own hipster “Kings of Leon now suck because they sell records” joke here. (CNN)


  1. I really want to see more of Don and his date, too! (I forget what her name was.) I thought she was cute and that they had good chemistry. She was a lot more interesting than Betty, that's for sure. I was sympathetic to Betty during the first two seasons, but she just bugs the hell out of me now. She's awful to Sally.

    I'm down for a weekly Mad Men discussion post, if you couldn't tell.

  2. It's truly hard television to watch whenever Betty is on the screen. She's become so detestable, it's almost channel-changing worthy. Don seemed to have met his match with the new girl in a weird way, considering how young she is. The chemistry they had was palpable, and it just jumped off the screen. And Roger Sterling is still one of the coolest characters in television.

  3. Who got their Virgin Mobile Fest tickets?
    I'm going to go this too
    to make a weekend out of it

  4. Still considering it. Not too sure yet. But how about "Mad Men?!"

  5. I need to marry a man with one liners as good as Roger Sterling's - seriously - that man makes the show for me sometimes ;)