Thursday, July 8, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Emmy nominations are out, all LeBron all the time, Jen Aniston dates and Ronaldo has a baby

It's here. Having seen "Precious," "Up In The Air," "An Education," "The Hurt Locker" and pretty much every other important movie from last year (aside from "Crazy Heart," which will be here soon enough), I am now confronted with one of the last celebrated movies of 2009 I have yet to see. She better bring it. I'll be rooting for her to bring it. So hopefully, well, she brings it. If nothing else, that scene when the two kids start grooving in the car always makes me smile. So it's got that going for it. Welcome to Thursday, the second to last day of the week. It's been an odd week, hasn't it? I just haven't found my footing. Maybe I'm already in vacation mode (more on that tomorrow). Maybe the heat is just getting to me. Maybe I need to take a break from running as I come up on a month straight of running at least five miles a day, every day. Maybe I'm just restless. Maybe I can't get over that new "Downfall" show. Who knows. All I know is that we had LeBron going to the Heat first yesterday, and that's all that matters. Speaking of that, we have provided not one but two links concerning the said topic below, links that we sincerely hope you find interesting. While you're at it, we suggest clicking on a few others, too. What else are you going to do? Sit next to an air conditioner all day? That's what we thought. Now don't forget to be nice to others.

Because the only themed week we’ve ever done (so far) had to do with Norah Jones: An extensive Q&A with the singer. (AV Club)

All signs point to Bob Bradley leaving the United States Men’s National Soccer Team head coaching position. Or, well, we can only hope. (The Big Lead)

Mitch Albom attacks LeBron, the media and pretty much everything surrounding this whole mess. Well done. (Detroit Free Press)

Speaking of that, here’s Michael Wilbon’s column relating the NBA free agents to his own experience as a free agent. (Washington Post)

2010 as the year of “no comment.” Interesting. (Politico)

It’s really weird to think the Emmys are only a month and a half away. Nominations we will be rooting for: Anything “Dexter,” “Mad Men,” “30 Rock” and “Modern Family.” (Los Angeles Times)

Cristiano Ronaldo has a baby. And names it…well, you won’t be surprised. (People)

Jen Aniston goes on a date with some guy from “True Blood.” This is supposed to be important because everyone loves “True Blood” and not “The Bounty Hunter.” (Showbiz Spy)

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  1. Rooting for Jim Parson (Big Bang Theory), Matthew Fox (Lost), and Terry O'Quinn & Michael Emerson (Lost) but they both can't win - Booooo! You might say I liked Lost.