Friday, July 23, 2010

Double Feature: Salt & Ramona and Beezus

Each Friday, we will offer up two movies that are scheduled to be released within the accompanying weekend. We know, we know. It’s hard to come across blogs who ever actually get movie talk right. That’s why we won’t say much. A trailer. A paragraph. And boom – all you need to know about what new movies you can take your beautiful object of affection to see this weekend. It's like going to the drive-in movie theater. Remember those? So much fun. Thank us later, not now.


How convenient. A movie about a female Russian spy hits theaters right after…a female Russian spy stirs up controversy in the good, old U.S.A. Saw the extended trailer for this before “Inception” earlier this week, and to be honest, it brought the movie from “no way I’ll ever, ever see this” status to “well, if it’s a Sunday afternoon, and there’s nothing on, and TNT happens to be the only channel to come in clearly on my television, I’ll give it a shot” status. Angelina Jolie looks oddly good in these previews, though, right? Sure, blonde isn’t quite her color, but how sexy does she look in that jet black hair? And I don’t even like jet black hair. Plus, she seemed to have dropped 15 pounds for this role, bringing her total weight to somewhere around 62. This seems interesting enough, and for people who love spy and/or action movies, why not give this a shot? After all, “Wanted” wasn’t really all that bad, right?

Ramona and Beezus

Because there is absolutely nothing else coming out this weekend, we take this, a film starring the not-so-kid-anymore actress Selena Gomez in a family comedy that is sure to rake in 10s of dollars over its opening weekend. Fun fact: Did you know she was once in the Barney show? I didn’t. That sure earns her a boatload of cool points, though. I came across an interview with her promoting the film this week, and both her and the subsequent host were absolutely gushing over the little girl who shares the spotlight with the Disney star. Could this be a new Abigail Breslin on our hands? Highly unlikely. Still, though, Ms. Gomez celebrated her 18th birthday this week, so if you own kids, and you want to go to the movie theater, why not give the star your hard earned money, if nothing else, because she made it to 18 without having to check into rehab. Now if I could only find out why her Wikipedia page as the band Forever The Sickest Kids listed as an “Associated Act.”

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