Wednesday, July 7, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Wall Street Journal has this Web stuff figured out, Of Montreal has a neat touring mate and the headline of the year

From the best album released in 2007 - The Honorary Title's Scream And Light Up The Sky - we give you the best song the band has ever written. Whatever happened to these guys, anyways? I heard they disbanded on some level at some point, which really is heartbreaking. Couldn't get enough of this album when it came out. It crept up on me, too. Came in the mail for me to review. Realized I couldn't stop listening to it. And now, well, it goes down as one my favorite all-time records. Welcome to Wednesday. Even though it feels like Tuesday. Needed to break from watching Germany and Spain to write this, so I hope I get back to the television before the first goal is scored. The Germans are going to strike. It's only a matter of time. And Spain can't break through. The first-half defense played by Germany set them up perfectly to steal this and advance to the final. Before I get back to the game, though, I must offer up these links for you, the fantastically intelligent reader, to ponder as you make your way through the rest of this hot July day. Here's hoping you find something you enjoy, and don't forget to keep yourselves hydrated, now. The heat can be crippling.

Here’s a look at how the Bosh/Wade combination stacks up against other combinations in the NBA. This really doesn’t matter, though. Because after tomorrow night, we’ll have to talk about how those two and LeBron match up against other trios. (Bleacher Report)

Of Montreal and Janelle Monae are going to tour together. That’s interesting. (Spin)

The Wall Street Journal is running away with the lead in the battle for e-subscriptions. Like really running. (Business Insider)

Neat: A 10-step guide to writing a weather story. (

Time isn’t going to put full stories online anymore. Let’s see how well this works. (Media Memo)

Still find this stuff funny. Dallas Braden sent A-Rod a gift package, fully equipped with a poster from the pitcher’s perfect game. (Yahoo)

Ridley Scott is putting together a documentary surrounding YouTube. No word on whether Russell Crowe will play either “You” or “Tube” in the film. (ABC News)

Levi Johnston apologizes to the Palin family. Hehe. (MSNBC)

Yep. It’s the headline of the year. (TMZ)

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