Thursday, July 1, 2010

...For The Ride Home: New Pee-Wee Herman movie, Billy Corgan is maaaaaaad and yes, the concert business is dying

Gave this movie a shot last night. It's John Krasinski's directorial debut. Also, unbeknownst to me, it features two "Wire" alumni. It's bad. Really wanted to like it. It's an IFC movie, so it has all the indie credibility, and it has a boatload of recognizable figures. But it's simply too scatterbrained. The movie tries to be too smart - in a smuggier than smug way, mind you - and it becomes overbearing. And I like smug and smart. This just didn't work, though. And it's not really funny. This was supposed to be a funny movie. It's not funny. It was, however, the first time you don't see Jim Halpert while looking at Krasinski (even though you have to suffer through the first hour and ten minutes to get there). In any case, welcome to Thursday, the beginning of July and, well, the first day of the rest of your life. How do you do? Good? That's good. Does it seem a bit cooler outside than it's been, or is it just me? Come on, now. It's July. I want 1,000-degree weather, damnit. Had a fabulous dinner last night as I warmed up some spaghetti, turned on side A of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and sat at the dinner table with nothing else going on. It was peaceful. Honestly. It was. That said, before you try and emulate a nice dinner of your own tonight, take a quick look at the following links, leave some nice book suggestions for my partner who clearly isn't literate and try to take a walk. They are romantic.

Kate Gosselin is going to record a holiday album. I’m not even going to make a snarky remark after that. (Popeater)

Billy Corgan walks off stage after hecklers shout at him during the first show of this latest club tour the Smashing Pumpkins are doing. Songs sacrificed? “Today” and “Freak.” (Spin)

Stephen A. Smith leaves The Philadelphia Inquirer. Again. This is the second time within the last two years. He says he’s got bigger and better things. Like what? “Quite Frankly 2” on Spike TV? (

First Larry King. Now Anderson Cooper? (The Wrap)

Police reopen the sexual assault case against Al Gore. It can’t have any weight, can it? (Wall Street Journal)

Judd Apatow will produce a new Pee-Wee Herman movie. Tentative title? “Knocked Up.” (Access Hollywood)

I’m going to keep linking these types of stories. It fascinates me how quickly the summer concert business crumbled. (Pollstar)

The top five goals of the World Cup so far. Headlined, of course, by Landon Donovan. (The Big Lead)


  1. It's got an interesting title. You've got to give it that.

  2. Yeah, and the trailer even looked funny, too. Major disappointment.

  3. I didn't see him as Jim in Away We Go. At least from what I remember.

  4. Yeah, me neither. But he says the word "bitch" in the last few moments of this movie. Wasn't expected it. He swears again, too, but I don't remember what he said.

  5. Kate Gosselin...really??? Why do people even care about her...or Mr Gosselin's stupid tattoos...I weep for their bazillion kids - they're so fucked!!!

  6. She needs to go back to her short hair.