Friday, July 9, 2010

...For The Ride Home: LeBron and ESPN, the greatsest front page ever, more "Avatar" and don't forget about the World Cup

We send you off into the weekend at the end of week 15 with a little Tom Petty for you to chew on. I would normally then use this space to blabber about LeBron James and his decision last night, but there are three links below to help quench that thirst. Besides, that should probably deserve its own post, right? Right. And speaking of posts, that is precisely why I am not able to use this space to rant about LeBronedict. Instead, I shall use this space to explain to you lovely faced readers that I am not going to be here next week. Yes, that's right. I know. Grab those tissues and formulate your own dart board with my face on it (though I'm assuming you don't even really know what I look like). This is the first of two very, very, very, very much-needed week-long vacations that I am taking from life, this blog, work, more work and yes, even more work. It was suggested to me that I blog about what I am about experience, and yes, I will have access to a computer, but barring some burning flame within me that just insists upon writing, I can't imagine using my time away from time to consume myself with silly technology. Combine that with the cell phone I no longer use, and I will have completely removed myself from this depressing world I struggle with each day more and more. This doesn't mean I don't love you, the fantastically loyal reader, though. And you have to know that by now, right? You have to. That said, considering I am responsible for each day's ride, two normal posts a week, and that silly movie piece every Friday, you will probably notice how thin next week will end up being. No worries, though, friends, because even though I spoke with my better half about this, he insisted on writing his usual posts during the week on Tuesday and Thursday. That doesn't mean he loves you more than I, though. Damnit. Anyways, I look forward to coming back completely re-energized and ready to chat about any and every thing. That may or may not include posts about the following: The World Cup final, LeBron, Heat, Food, Vacations, "Inception" or books, among other things. And yes, if you only understood how disappointed I am that I won't be able to tackle "Inception" the week it comes out, that means you'd understand how disappointed most Cleveland residents are. Anyways, be good. Don't forget to check back periodically next week, and as always (especially if I don't make it back alive) miss you, love you.

Oh wait. You didn’t hear? Oh. LeBron James went to Miami last night. Let the ESPN bashing begin! (New York Times)

That’s still not enough? Here’s how the hip-hop community responded. Hint: Mc Hammer loves the idea. (MTV)

And finally, yes. This is the greatest front page the world has seen in years. Words like “classic” and “genius” are warranted. (Twitter)

What the Associated Press’ oil spill reporting team plans to find out. They are taking over 200 journalists. Something’s got to give, right? (Columbia Journalism Review)

Told you I was going to keep linking these. Today? 2010’s numbers up to this point. Goodness the music industry is dying. (Pollstar)

The octopus picks Spain. Hey, look at this. So did we! Over a month ago! We even had the Netherlands in the final four! Don’t forget to tune in Sunday. Then all you soccer haters can breathe easy. (Washington Post)

Oh my God. Are you kidding me? Another version of “Avatar” is coming to theaters. And it’s longer. (Vanity Fair)

For all my indie friends in the house. She & Him’s video for “Thieves.” (Spin)

So far, it’s been the summer of “blah” movies. Yes, yes. That is correct. Here’s hoping “The Kids Are All Right” changes pace a bit. (CNN)


  1. I'll miss you, and don't worry, nothing will happen next week anyway that needs to be linked to. K?

  2. Awww, thanks. I'll miss you, too. And yes, nothing will be happen that needs to be linked. It's July.