Wednesday, July 21, 2010

...For The Ride Home: College newspapers cannot do the Web well, "Idol" is awfully close to making a huge mistake and a media fight!

Soul Week continues with one of the greatest songs ever written, Otis Redding's "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay." A legend, the man was. Fun fact: The whistling at the end was supposed to be a rap that was originally written for the man to sing. Because he forgot the words, he decided to fill in the spot by whistling, and the take turned out so good, everyone decided to keep it. The Unusual Suspects: Your source for all fun facts. So how do you do? It's Wednesday in July. That means the middle of the week is here and now it's all downhill, right? Poking around the InterWebs, I never fully realized how slow of a time the summer months can be for news. Two years ago, the presidential election was heating up, so that provided a bunch of entertainment, but aside from that, I can't recall a stretch between June and August that typically has earth-shattering/intriguing news. And sports? Goodness, the summer's a bad time for sports. It's baseball, and more baseball. I'm even a bit eager for the college football season to begin, and I can't remember feeling like that in a long time. In any case, before we get to any non-summer related instances, we must first complete the summer. And as you do that, we would be honored to offer up a few links for you to check out. Besides. What else do you have to do? Go see "Inception?"

OK. This was brought to my attention last night, and if we weren’t fully immersed in Soul Week, it would have been the top video. First, follow this link. Then, follow the link at the end. If this isn’t some of the funniest stuff you’ve ever seen, I don’t know how much I could help you in the future. (Funny Or Die)

Jason Whitlock attacks Mitch Albom. Like, really, really, attacks him. (The Big Lead)

Taylor Swift is going to release a new record in October. Was really hoping to run into her recently. Didn’t happen. She still kind of looks like a rat. But I still love her. (Pollstar)

An entire newspaper’s sports section staff walks out on newspaper. Silly sportswriters. (SB Nation)

Very, very, very, very true. College newspapers in print form are great. Online versions of the paper? Not so much. But why? (The Huffington Post)

Chris Isaak may replace Simon on “Idol.” This is such a bad move. Harry Connick Jr. is clearly the answer here. (On The Red Carpet)

Sarah Palin does not approve of her daughter’s engagement. Really? We thought she would have already picked out a church. (The Celebrity CafĂ©)

An argument for the death of compact discs. Interesting. (CNN)


  1. Oh my goodness gracious, that's so funny. And why the hatred for CDs?

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