Wednesday, July 28, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Kanye West has new songs, Kate Winsley has a new boyfriend and classic stories have a new home (kind of)

The best celebration in the history of sports. That's a bold statement, I know. But can you think of anything better? Especially in soccer, a sport that showcases celebrations more than any other sport, really. So funny. Welcome to Wednesday, the official half-way point of the week. I can't explain how much it angers me when people who I feel don't have good reason to say bad things about me, say bad things about me. Does this annoy you, too? This is a hard, hard life, you know. No matter how much you try, no matter the things you do, and no matter the steps you take in the right direction, some people can't get up from the low road. I know I'm not the best. But for the first time in a very long time, I'm fairly certain I'm not the worst either. Anyways, I now have a decision that I turn to you, my wonderful friends, about. I finished the second season of "Dexter" last night (crazy good), and, because I timed it perfectly, the third season arrived today. Do I begin watching that, or do I sit down with what Netflix has offered, "Whip It?" All suggestions would be much appreciated. It could be like an interactive game we play. Though before I'll be able to sit down with said television show or movie, I must offer the following links for your viewing pleasure. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful hump day. Be good, now.

Eminem is still at No. 1 after five weeks. This, friends, is awfully impressive in today’s fickle music world. Dude’s almost at two million. (MTV)

ESPN posts story about a night with LeBron. ESPN takes down said story about night with LeBron. Deadspin got to it before that happened, though, and you can read it here. (Deadspin)

It’s a new age for writing, that’s for sure. Here’s a look at classic magazine stories that recently popped up on Twitter. (The Pitch)

Chuck Todd on both Journolist and the WikiLeaks. It’s on the second page, but it’s worth it. (Politico)

Kate Winslet has a new boyfriend. “The Reader” was good, but “Revolutionary Road” was better. (Showbiz Spy)

Kanye West went to Facebook and didn’t poke anyone. Hehe. Get it? (All Hip-Hop)

Brad and Angie. Who’s the bread winner? (Fox News)

The best ballparks, logos, mascots, uniforms and team names in baseball. (Bleacher Report)


  1. I say Dexter season three, just because season five is starting in two months. Nobody wants to be spoiled, right?

    I didn't know the Billboard charts still existed...

  2. All right. Looks like with one vote, Dexter wins. Knew I could count on you guys. Hehe.