Friday, July 23, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Atmosphere is going to tour, Bieber to star on CSI, Matt Barnes goes to L.A. and don't forget "Mad Men"

Week 17 comes to an end today. More importantly, we bid farewell to our second-ever themed week here at The Ride, Soul Week. Which do you believe is better? Soul Week or Norah Jones Week? That's tough, we know. Sending us off is Booker T & The MG'S with the classic "Green Onions." We saved these guys for last simply because they were the glue that held nearly every soul record together in the 1960s. The impact they had on the music is unmeasurable. So sad to see it go, though. So sad. Alas, we welcome Friday with open arms, ready to dive into the last week of July. Goodness, gracious, where did this summer go, friends? Hopefully for you, you have a bunch of crazy good plans for the weekend, much like we do. If you don't, though, do not forget about Sunday's "Mad Men" return, a return we stupidly proclaimed happened last weekend. We know it's true this week, though. Jan Jones will be on television tonight and Ms. Hendricks looked stunning last night. Before we get to any weekend shenanigans, we must offer a few links for you to mull over as your Friday night takes shape. We sincerely hope you enjoy what's left of July and you make this sultry summer night a night you may never forget. Be good, friends, and of course, as always, love you, miss you.

Atmosphere is touring. Anyone else know/like them? Takes me back. (Pitchfork)

Matt Barnes signed with the Lakers last night. Have to wonder how Kobe’s going to respond to that after the two provided us with one of the best moments of last season. (Los Angeles Times)

Only because we linked Whitlock’s attack on Mitch Albom earlier this week: The columnist now compares Reggie Bush to a slave. (Fox Sports)

Haven’t been this excited for a sports book in a long, long time. Jim Miller talks about what people can expect in his book – with the fabulous Tom Shales, I may add – regarding the ins and outs of ESPN. Fireworks will be had. (Sports Illustrated)

One of the greats, Daniel Schorr, died. He was 93. (NPR)

Remember that damning Rolling Stone piece about the general? Yeah, that was supposed to go to GQ, but the magazine turned it down. (The New York Observer)

Again, don't forget that “Mad Men” kicks off Sunday. Here are 10 questions with Don Draper. (Time)

Justin Beiber is going to be on CSI. No way he lives up to Taylor Swift’s guest spot. (People)

Oh, we love you, Tracy Morgan. (TMZ)

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