Friday, September 3, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Love finds Jesse James again, Christians and sex, China is the future of journalism and the biggest concert ever in Detroit

Wanted to give you "Monster" with 'Ye, Jay, and...Bon Iver. But there wasn't a damn video on YouTube that actually worked. That's awfully annoying. Instead, we offer you the remix to "Power" to send you off into the (cue the creepy music) last weekend of summer. It also concludes Week 23 here at The Unusual Suspects headquarters. It was a fun week, don't you think? In addition to picking up a few new friends on Twitter, we talked about tailgating, Bob Bradley's contract extension, Chinese food and, of course, two movies I really can't wait to see (side: "Invictus" is not worth your time). It was a busy, busy week for myself, though now that I find myself at Friday, I am a mere few hours away from finally getting to where I want to be. Per tradition, we will not be stopping by Monday as we all celebrate the notion of labor, but we sincerely hope each and every one of you have a fantastic holiday weekend, and that you spend it wisely by saying goodbye to the summer of 2010 with a bang. We will be back to hang out/beg for advice on such things as food, life, movies and television/offer some links/smile/laugh/cry/love with each and every one of you on Tuesday. Until then, check out a few stories below, don't forget to grab this weekend by the gonads and live life to its fullest and, never could I forget: Love you, miss you.

Everybody. And I mean eve-ery-body was at the first Jay-Z/Eminem show last night. Also, a quick happy birthday to Beyonce this weekend, as well. Fabulous. (All Hip-Hop)

Reporter covers murder trial. Police investigate reporter. (State Journal-Register)

Really, though. Investigative journalism can’t die. It just can’t. (American Journalism Review)

So…now China is the future of journalism? (Newsweek)

Jerry Lewis wants to smack Lindsay Lohan. Oh. And his telethon is this weekend, too. (ThirdAge)

John Feinstein weighs in on the Mike Wise debacle at the Washington Post. Didn’t know they were friends. (Feinstein On The Brink)

Wow. Kat Von D is in love with Jesse James. Wonder how Sandy feels. (New York Daily News)

When you stumble across a headline such as this, you have to click it: “How Christians spoil sex.” (CNN)

“Rock Band” will now feature Snoop Dogg. So, does anyone still buy those games anymore? No one, right? That’s what I thought. (Pollstar)

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