Wednesday, September 22, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Klinsmann speaks, the lead singer from Staind has carved out a nice little life and Jen & John back together?

Saw this last night. It was...good. Fine. Sure. Adequate. A nice night at the movies. For those who want to begin Oscar chatter, though, please keep it to yourself. No way this thing should be up for anything (and the same goes for "Inception," crazy people). Two highlights: One, seeing Vicky from "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona" do a wonderful job with the female lead. Hopefully, Rebeca Hall can become a huge star as a result of this particular flick. Two, though it took around 45 minutes, once I was able to look at Jon Hamm without thinking of the words "Don" and "Draper," I was completely sold on him as a good actor. I was a bit worried he wouldn't translate well onto the movie screen, but he held his own. It's all right. And that's all. Hello, Wednesday, and hello to you. Did you check out our goodbye to the summer? There has admittedly been some dispute over which day is indeed the first day of fall (today or tomorrow), but I keep hearing/reading conflicting reports, so we must go with what we first discovered. Besides, regardless of if the official first today is today or tomorrow, we can all agree that it's here, and that's all that really matters. Sad, sad times. In any case, before you move on with your final day of summer or first day of autumn, we invite you to click on a few links below and have a wonderful Wednesday evening. Be good, friends.

Juergen Klinsmann speaks about why he wasn’t hired as the U.S.’s manager moving forward after this year’s World Cup. Ut. Oh. (Fox Sports)

Wow. How many times does Scott Weiland have to pull stunts like this before people stop going to Stone Temple Pilots shows? I mean, my God. He’s ruined so many things and people still flock to him for some reason. (Rolling Stone)

Words of advice, writers: Go to grad school. (The New Yorker)

Have you ever wondered about all those anonymous sources celebrity magazines cite? Read this. (Los Angeles Times)

Jen Aniston and John Mayer back together? (Showbiz Spy)

If you would have told me the lead singer from Staind was going to begin charity work and eventually establish himself as a prominent acoustic act that can tour at will 10 years ago, I would have blasted “Mudshovel” at 11 and turned the other way. Good for him. (Pollstar)

What is going on with Ashton and Demi, anyways? (USA Today)

Casey Affleck talks to Jay Leno about the Joaquin Phoenix mess. Remember: The dude is back on Letterman’s show tonight. (Entertainment Weekly)


  1. Is there anyone else who could have played Johnny Cash? Dude still looks so much like him

  2. I think you underestimate The Town. I thought it was one of the better movies of the year (not saying much) and demonstrates that Affleck actually has a career left. I agree that Hamm was particularly good and is obviously making plans for after Mad Men. I hope they have him under contract.

  3. I was thinking the same stuff about Hamm, actually. I give it three to five years before he makes the leap right into movies full-time. Then again, though, I can't see "Mad Men" going much longer than three or five years, too.