Thursday, September 9, 2010

...For The Ride Home: 'The Wire,' Tevez is about to call it quits and LFO lead singer dies

Saw this the other day. It was...fine. The movie itself was actually a bit funnier than I had anticipated. The story, though? Not so much. Charlie Day completely steals the movie, but that's expected. It felt as though it dragged a bit, too. And that's odd, considering it's a romantic comedy, for God's sake. In any case, welcome to Thursday and the middle of September. I'm going to cut this short because, well, I'm out of time. Work calls, friends. Work calls.

“The Wire” as American Noir. If there would have been a Ride yesterday, this would have been there. (Popmatters)

Tom Brady was in a car accident. This would be a good time to remind you that the NFL season kicks off tonight. (WEEI)

OK. If anybody shuts down “Fresh Air,” they need to resign as soon as possible, anyways. (Jackson Free Press)

LFO frontman dies. Sad. (MTV)

Justin Bieber takes up three percent of Twitter. Honestly? (The Telegraph)

Carlos Tevez is thinking about quitting international soccer. (Deadspin)

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