Friday, September 24, 2010

...For The Ride Home: A new kind of "Hard Knocks," "Goodfellas" turns 20 and everybody from ever major network is now looking for work

We say goodbye to Week 26 with Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West and "Forever," an old song that I inexplicably thought to offer up in the wake of October looming around the corner. Whew! It's warm out, right? Or, at least, warmer than it feels like it should be at this point in the year. I've played more tennis this September than any other September in my life. So how was your week? Was it good? That's good. It's always nice if you can manage to squeeze out a good week every now and then. Did you happen to check out today's Blogspot Banter? If you didn't, may I suggest you do so. Scott was super kind to carve out a bit of time to answers some questions we had for him, and for that we will forever be grateful. In fact, go follow him. Read his stuff. Forget about silly us. In any case, we celebrate six months next week, so be prepared for something incredibly incredible. Who would have thunk we would still be going strong after half a year? Goodness, gracious. Before we get there, though, we must deal with here. And what here provides us is a few links for your consideration, and a bunch of hopes that you and yours have a fabulous late September weekend. Until Monday, friends, as always, please don't forget as you may be out enjoying the beauty fall can sometimes bring, love you, miss you.

I haven’t purchased this yet, but it’s been one of my most anticipated records for the year. John Legend and The Roots perform in New York. Gabillions of people show up. (MTV)

HBO is going to do a version of “Hard Knocks” with the Pens/Caps Winter Classic. This should make a lot of people I know happy. (Post Gazette)

Pretty neat. How NBC’s morning news anchors wake up in the morning. Meredith Vieira wakes up at 2:30 a.m.! (CNN)

In today’s CNN is in major trouble news: President Jonathan Klein doesn’t have a job anymore. …(New York Magazine)

… And in related actions, NBC’s CEO says he’s saying goodbye as well. (New York Times)

Drake vs. Kanye West. (All Hip-Hop)

The 50 loudest college football stadiums. Room for debate? Of course. (Bleacher Report)

We’ll get to this more when it hits theaters, but for now, Jesse Eisenberg (who I looooovvvveee) doesn’t use Facebook. Irony? He’s the lead in the new Facebook movie. (Popeater)

It’s been 20 years since “Goodfellas.” GQ wrote about it. And you should read it (especially if you read this earlier in the week). (GQ)


  1. #45 Kyle Field. I have a son at A & M. He's never been to one of the games.

  2. He ought to check it out. Big time college football is a sight.