Wednesday, September 15, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Bill Simmons is starting a blog, Carey Mulligan is still an absolute doll and is the end of mixtapes here?

If you happen to wander over to a particular pop culture Web site (that may or may not rhyme with Schmop Smatters), you will find a review for this man's latest record, Foundling. That review may or may not have been written by myself recently. Because I couldn't find much from that particular album online, I offer to you, the fabulous reader, a video for the lead single from the man's album-before-the-most-recent, "Fugitive." Love how he shakes his head when he sings. Also love hearing from a publicist that the piece was "nicely written." Hate it when the review is played four reviews down, though. Makes me feel as though my work simply wasn't good enough. Frustrating day, this has been. I'll tell you what. In any case, welcome to Wednesday. It's the middle day of the week. Did you happen to check out our recap of this year's Video Music Awards? You ought to, you know. We've already started some great conversation, and I know you want to join in. Come on, now. You know you do. Before you add your two cents, we suggest clicking on a link or two below. Why? Because we would never steer you, the fantastically beautiful reader, wrong. Until tomorrow friends, be nice when other people aren't around. That's what honest nice people do. And we all want to be an honest nice person, right?

So…Bill Simmons is starting a blog? Under ESPN’s dime? (The Big Lead)

Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate will play the same show. My head is spinning just writing that. (Alternative Press)

A vote for “Nightline” to go back to the way it was. As opposed to where it is today. (Chicago Tribune)

Oh, wow. Apple wants to dabble into subscriptions for newspapers. And basically steal all the money made. (San Jose Mercury News)

Three of the Interweb’s most awkward phrases. (CNN)

Edwin Newman, newsman, dies. He was 91. (New York Times)

The end of the mixtape era. Very interesting. (All Hip-Hop)

When Carey Mulligan speaks, we must listen. Love, love the blonde hair. She’s a doll. Absolute doll. (Wall Street Journal)