Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye summer. Hello fall.

Ladies and gentlemen. Children of all ages. Brothers and sisters. Friends and enemies. Haves and Have-nots. Stupid people and smart people. The old. The young. The fat. The skinny. The somebodys. The nobodys. The six people who read this blog on a consistent basis.

Yesterday was the final day of the summer. No. Really. It was. Yes, I know you thought that particular day was a few weeks ago, the morning you realized that the previous day was the last Monday you were going to have off until Memorial Day. But alas, that’s not true. The first day of autumn began at 12:01 this morning. And it was from that point on, we can now shy away from all social interactions, plans on improving our lives and, most importantly, happiness.

I have a tough time with the fall. But you know that already. It’s just not something I look forward to. I understand an individual’s position when he or she proclaims September through December as “beautiful” or “romantic.” But I just can’t ever bring myself to buy into such a notion.

Think about it: The fall is filled with awfulness. Daylight becomes shorter (so much so, they delete an hour’s worth within the next few weeks!). The weather becomes decidedly colder, no matter where you are. Once beautiful trees or other assorted foliage are reduced to nothingness, left as bare as your soul feels. You feel your pocketbook become lighter as the money for your heating/gas bill has overtaken all “fun” spending. And, most importantly of all, it sets up holidays that always, always, always bring upon loneliness (especially if you happen to work in the media field).

Me? Well, ironically enough, I find myself in a place that I’ve never been while going into autumn. For some reason, I’ve been so determined to work on myself over the course of the last eight or nine months, that I’ve been awaiting this day to promptly hit the ground running. I have high hopes that this could be the first fall I don’t quite literally psychologically stumble myself. This type of seasonal depression has been something I’ve only recently admitted to myself, so maybe now I can battle it with a little more authority than before. Right? Wait. Right?

In any case, as long as this blog continues to exist, and as long as I know there are at least three people reading this each day, then I suppose I can use y’all as a crutch to help carry me through the upcoming months. You don’t mind too much, do you? Good. All comments (even mean comments, mind you) are welcome. Anything to get me through the impending doom fall has always brought me. But this year’s going to be different. Right? Wait, again. Right?!

Step one? Be sure to put this song far, far away so I can’t torture myself by listening periodically while wallowing in self-pity…

Goodness, Train can be so sad when they want to be. And yes, I am fully aware that the credibility meter just took a huge hit.


  1. I know, I know; you must be sick of hearing this. I LOVE fall! Why? Probably because I, myself, am a wee bit agoraphobic. In the fall, every one is in school or studying, or bundled up inside. That's why I love winter, too. It's just me out and about. And, if by some freak chance I encounter other humans, I can always retreat to my mound of blankets, cup of strong, hot tea, and a good book to see me through the rest of the season. Whatever else, fall is a WONDERFUL season for reading. :)
    Good for you for being in a better place this year. The colder months can be difficult, whether you're with someone or flying solo. But rest assured, I'll still read your blog daily. :)
    Good luck!

  2. Haha. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. And I loooooove hot tea. So thanks for reminding me that the fall is probably the best time to get reacquainted with such a thing.

  3. why does my calendar tell me that the first day of autumn is tomorrow?

  4. Good question! It told me the same thing. But then I read in a few other places that it was today. Either way, we get the point.

  5. Yay for Fall! Yay for Fall!

    Crap. I live in Corpus Christi.

  6. Autumn, with it's impending chill (though it hit 98 here today), brings the promise and comfort of things like jeans and sweatshirts. You pull your jacket tighter around you and immediately feel both warmer and more secure. Clothing hugs you rather than sticks to you (and hugs are good). The sun simply doesn't shine as brightly this time of year - which means my eyes don't have to adjust to indoor/otdoor lighting changes quite so much. Things like bonfies and walks seem necessary again...I'm already awaiting that first mug of hot cider on a crisp evening. And, well, there still something about trying to catch leaves as they weave their way to the ground that I can't ignore.
    Autumn, in contrast to its oppressive and overbearing cousin Summer, brings out the child in me. Though, admittedly, it could simply be chalked up to the 10-year-olds I work with this time of year.