Wednesday, September 29, 2010

...For The Ride Home: 'Deadliest Catch' guys walk off show, soccer star gets caught in sex scandal and an interview with Ben Folds

This was good. Really, though. It was. I know it opened to bad reviews, and anyone who had seen it before me advised I stay away from it. But I enjoyed it. Of course it's not a candidate for Movie Of The Year or any such nonsense. But it's really worth a watch if you dig 1960s rock & roll, Mr. Hoffman or any of the people you see in one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, "In The Loop." Honestly. Check it out. Welcome to Wednesday, or, well, hump day as many dirty minds may suggest. How are you doing? September is nearly gone and October looms its head right around the corner. While driving today, the forecast on the radio said that temperatures are set to peak in the 50s throughout the weekend, so for those of you who may still be clinging to the last scraps of summer, you may be hit with a firm dose of fall within the next week or so. Cold weather. Rain. Dark. Dreary. Not to sound too depressing, but... Yeah. You get it. In any case, maybe a few of the following links may help ease the pain colder weather can bring. If not, maybe a look at who will possibly be in 2011's class of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame could do the trick. Either way, here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful evening.

Am interview with Ben Folds. That should be enough to get you to click, right? (Popmatters)

Fulham defender meets transsexual. And, then, well… (Deadspin)

The Washington Post
will no longer run ads for (possible) prostitution. I thought of a few different jokes, but none seemed fit to print. (Washington Post)

Still can’t understand this: The Academy Is… and a photo gallery of their tour with Kiss. (Alternative Press)

“Deadliest Catch” stars quit the show. Does this mean the dudes on “Ice Road Truckers” are going to call it a day, too? That’d be sad. (Yahoo)

The Rider Cup begins this week. This is interesting only because Tiger made some “we are a team” comments yesterday. Maybe this year will be worth watching. (Fox Sports)

“American Idol” judges come together for first try at being judges. Somewhere, Kara weeps. (USA Today)

The Grande Ole Opry is back. Having spent a few days in Nashville over the summer, I can confidently tell you I am happy about this. Good for them. (Pollstar)


  1. Well, damn. Guess I won't be tuning into Deadliest Catch this year. Actually, I probably still will, at least for a few episodes, to see how the Harris boys get along without their dad as captain.

  2. It was 87 today. So, ha ha to you people where it is cold. But actually I envy you. It's just we had a cold front come through and make the air somewhat dry and the temp 87. Yeah, that's a cold front in Corpus Christi, and we all feel so wonderful. We are kinder to each other and our hair has style.

    I'll never watch that movie. Sorry.

  3. Wow. We envy you. I really, really don't like the cold. I can understand and appreciate being able to endure all four seasons, but this time of year becomes annoying at times with the rain and the cooler temperatures. And you should give the movie a shot!

  4. It's "Ryder Cup," not Rider Cup.