Monday, September 27, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Vincent Chase makes a movie about celebrities, Fox News controls the world and is 'Family Guy' in trouble?

Who could have ever thunk this guy would ever be lauded as heroic for his actions? Not this particular blogger. Episode 10 brought it last night, and it was met with a gigantic "It's about time," from, well, me, and those who I speak with about such things. We finally saw the "Mad Men" crew pick up the action on last night's episode as Don lets yet another individual in on his deepest, darkest secret. Dude was shook. He clearly couldn't take the thought of losing everything, which must lead us to ask the following question: Exactly how confident and how sure is the real Don Draper (or, well, Dick Whitman)? He exudes such emotions on a consistent basis so much that it's simply weird to see him act the way he did last night (the acting, though, was utterly incredible. Who says Jon Hamm isn't one of the best in the game?). Betty, on the other hand, came across in the same light as Mr. Campbell - nice. They both went to bat for Don when both of them clearly had the chance to bring everything he's worked for down. Oddly enough (and because the "Mad Men" writers are smarter and better at what they do for a living than most of us), they were also the two people who could have benefited the most from Don going away for good. Or could they? Joanie and Roger's saga continues, and to be completely honest, I was hoping Joan would have kept it. Something within me still longs for those two to be together permanently. And Lane! Oh, Lane, you poor, poor thing. He just needs to catch a break. Any break. As always, comments, thoughts, arguments are encouraged in the section so designed to display such a thing, and as always, I'll be checking back throughout the day to partake in such an activity. For now, though, hello Week 27, and hello links.

A 25 year old and a 26 year old land jobs at The New Yorker. I will now proceed to drink until Thursday. (Splitsider)

Vinnie Chase made a movie! Vinnie Chase made a movie! (Popmatters)

This writer left The Huffington post because she wasn’t getting paid. That seems fair, right? (Mayhill Flower)

Fox News holds all the clout in political media. In related, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this is true” news, seasonal change can bring upon seasonal sicknesses such as colds, sore throats or ear infections. (Politico)

A little late on this, but it’s still sad: Max Weinberg will not be back with Conan when he starts his new show. (Rolling Stone)

Mindy Kaling: Still one of the funniest women on television (Twitter)

My God, Peyton Manning is good. (Yahoo)

Is this the beginning of the end for “Family Guy?” (Hollywood Reporter)

Your “Mad Men” recap, friends. (Entertainment Weekly)


  1. 25 and a cartoonist for the New Yorker?! I'll buy you one of those drinks, and two for me. :)

    And good lord, Mayhill! I read the beginning of her rant. I slept through the middle, and caught the end of it...I want my 7 minutes back. Who IS this woman? How is a denied proposal to fund repoting trips proof that she ought to be getting paid? I'm all about working for money, but...not at a volunteer organization. For her sake, I hope I'm missing something on this one.
    And Max...darn! I just heard it on the radio this morning. sad.

  2. Joan totally should have kept it. I mean I thought the seen know...the one with the woman and her 17-year-old daughter. For once moment I thought, Joan is going to get up and leave. She is. She just is pondering it now. Oh wait...she doesn't. BAH! Ah well...I still like that they through that in there. Watching her on the bus was pretty emotional in a quiet sort of way.

    And that panic attack that Don (I mean Dick or I mean Jon) had was epic. I thought I was going to throw up! I was surprised that Mr. Pete Campbell didn't take advantage of the situation - I mean he want to be Don anyway and who would have thought he would have kept his mouth shut about it. Wow! Chalk one up in my book for Pete. I also wonder what Pete thinks of seeing the "Dr." leave Don's place. I wonder how this will come up again.

    Lane getting clocked in the head by his father was a little odd to me and the acting there wasn't my favorite but makes you feel bad for the guy. But wait...will Lane come back for his lady?

    Definitely liked this episode. I need more development though of Joanie and Roger...I still want them to be together forever and never to part.

  3. Yeah, me too. Upon further evaluation, I am beginning to wonder if Joanie did indeed keep the baby. I think it's possible. They want us to believe her husband won't come back alive. So let's say she has the baby, and the hubby gets back. It would be interesting. Pete's got a couple nice points now, but I don't trust him at all. The conversation he had with his wife was a harsh reminder of how awful a person he can be at times. And I agree about the acting with Lane and his father. That entire scene was clunky. But that's OK. I still feel for him. He's got to come back. Has to.

  4. Oooo...good thought that maybe she indeed keep the baby and we (and Roger) are just supposed to be convinced she went through with it. Another hidden pregnancy like Peggy's????