Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Reggie Bush is out for six weeks, Kanye is going to be on SNL and Wyclef says goodbye to presidential hopes

I love me some romantic comedies. And per recommendation from the people who read this particular blog, I threw this in my Netflix que, and had the opportunity to cuddle up with it Sunday evening. It was...just OK. Not great by any means, and may have wandered into "good" territory from time to time. The way things came to ahead near the end (when she has the four dudes in front of her) was touching, I suppose. It's all about love, you know. Next up? I'm not quite sure, actually. I've had the first "Wall Street" in the position, but nobody wants to send it to me yet. So we shall see. Hello, friends. Welcome to Tuesday, and welcome to an abnormally warm day for late September. That's a good thing, though. Right? I stumbled upon La La's new show in VH1 last night and yes, I am officially hooked. I'm fairly certain I was a middle-aged house wife in all my other lives. What I'm doing in a morose mid-20s dude-body kind of baffles me. Hope to see "The Town" tonight, though that, as always, is up in the air. But people say it's good. People say it's super good, actually. Can't wait for DVD on that one. In the meantime and in-between-time, follow a few links, enjoy a nice glass of Kool Aid, and try to think positive. Because positive things happen to positive people, right?

Wow. Beginning to wonder about Reggie Bush. He’s got a ring. But he isn’t nearly as good as everyone planned. And now he’s out for six weeks with a broken leg. (Fox Sports)

Elisabeth Moss officially files for divorce from Fred Armisen. Damn. I was so rooting for them. (People)

People spend more than half their day consuming media. My, how times have changed. (The Wrap)

Muck Rack Daily: Your source for all journalist tweets. (Media Memo)

Kanye West will be on SNL in a few weeks. So, here is what we have so far: This Saturday, Amy Poehler and Katy Perry. The following week, Kanye West and Bryan Cranston. After that, we see Jane Lynch and Bruno Mars. And then following all of that is Jon Hamm. What ever happened to being excited to find out who is going to be on “Saturday Night Live?” (MTV)

13 bands who became legends in four years or less. (Alternative Press)

I told you The Presidents of the United States of America have the best attitude ever. (Twitter)

Wyclef Jean officially ends his bid to become president of Haiti. Does this mean a new Fugees album is near? (New York Daily News)


  1. Hmmm...out of the supposed 13 legendary bands, I've only heard of 4 of them. One of which I only know because my husband has a highly coveted shirt from said band (Texas Is The Reason). Either I'm tragically unhip, or these bands weren't that fantastic.

  2. I totally agree! Who the hell is Chamberlain?! Terrible list. Expected better from AP.