Monday, August 30, 2010

Chinese food: A tale of love and hate

So, Chinese food. You dig it? I do. Well, kind of. Actually, I don't really even know if I do, to be honest. I find myself eventually opting for the stuff on days in which I am suffering through a bad hangover - Sundays, really. I don't know why, either. There's something about it that works after drinking an entire bottle of whiskey the night before.

What do I get? A C-1 to me, an order of General Tso's chicken to you (with white rice, mind you). And that's it. I've tried other dishes at other times, but to get an entire order filled with any of them would be too big of a risk, I believe. Besides, there is no consistency within any of the orders I receive. Sometimes, the chicken is crisp. Sometimes, it's mushy. Sometimes, the sauce is spicy. Sometimes, it's bland.

And that's why I'm writing this. I am the definition of "hot and cold" when it comes to Chinese food. The days I enjoy it, I enjoy it a bunch. The days I could do without it, I tell myself I'm never going to try it again (and this, in and of itself, is odd in its own right simply because I stayed away from this kind of food for the first 20-plus years of my life).

This all got me wondering what you think. Is there anyone out there who can honestly say they have a passion for Chinese food? Over steak? Spaghetti? A five-star, four-course meal? Is there anyone who views Chinese food much like people typically view fast food burger joints such as McDonald's or Wendy's? Can't be, right? I mean, honestly. Who could ever crave this kind of food on such a consistent basis that you eat it daily (unless, of course, you happen to be of Chinese ethnicity. Then, of course, this particular conversation probably doesn't apply to you).

All of that said, I was wondering if there are any dishes out there aside from General Tso's chicken that you enjoy? And what are they? And why do you enjoy them? Seems to me some of that stuff can be dicey. But there has to be at least one dish that could catch my eye. Something meat-y? Vegetable-y? Come on, now. I'm way sick of having to order the same thing every single time I get in the mood to order such food.

But speaking of such food, when you call yourself "The definitive General Tso's chicken page," you most certainly deserve a link (especially when the top of your page reads "Tso what?") So, well, here. You need to check that out. And for those of you wondering how to make the dish yourself...


  1. I wonder how Chinese Chinese food is.

    Love sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, won-ton soup, and . . . I guess that's about it.

    Mad Men won. I probably should watch that show.

  2. If left to my own devices, and if I had no worries about my waistline expanding exponentially, I would eat Chinese take-away damn near every day. My passion is for Szechuan chicken, the hotter, the better. I like mine with a side of steamed rice and a spring roll or two. If I'm not feeling up to burning out my insides, I also really like veggie lo mein.

  3. Is that type of chicken spicy then? Like super spicy? Because I dig spicy things. May I enjoy it based on that?

  4. It should be super spicy. But I find most places only make it to a normal person's tolerance of hot. I generally ask to have it made extra spicy because I like mine to have face-melting abilities. But it's not just heat for heats sake. It should still have a really good flavor to it as well.