Thursday, September 16, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The final Jay-Z/Eminem concert link, Speidi is back on and what have you played the most on your music listening device?

OK, so this is my favorite actor. It's always been this way. I have other crushes. Clooney. Ruffalo. Renner. Hamm. Just to name a few. But this guy has always been at the top of my list for as long as I've been watching movies (which, by the way, is really only five minutes). He happened to be on Craig Ferguson's talk show the other night promoting a movie he's in (a movie we will most certainly get to tomorrow), and he couldn't have come off looking any better than he did in that particular interview. In honor of that, I must offer this photo for your viewing pleasure. So, hello. How do you do? It's Thursday. I did, indeed, get a chance to watch "The Messenger" a couple nights ago, and it Really, really one of the better movies of last year. I'm even willing to contend that it may be a better movie than "The Hurt Locker." You can't touch "Up In The Air" or "An Education." But "The Messenger" certainly falls in last year's top five, possibly top three. Woody's great, and the main character is wonderful, too. Don't know a thing about him, either. Hey, if it's raining wherever you are (much like it is where we are), you'd really be best served if you took this final Thursday before the regular television programming begins to sit down with this particular movie. You can thank me later if not now. Before you come to any conclusions on what may be happening this evening, though, may I suggest you have a click or two on a few links below. Hey - cold rainy days are the best days to sit with a couple nicely written pieces, don't you think? Of course! OK. Remember to be good and until Friday, be respectful to others if you want to receive respect yourself.

Jason Whitlock and the Ines Sainz situation. (Fox Sports)

OK. This will be the final Jay-Z/Eminem concert link. Had to get a wrap-up piece in there, though. (Rolling Stone)

No more Tweeting or blogging during Washington Redskins practice. Wow. First no signs and now this. It’s like a dictatorship. (TBD)

The Miami Herald cuts nearly 50 positions. I’m never going to find a job outside of this town, am I? (Miami Herald)

Yeah. So Heidi and Spencer never broke up. Surprise! (Showbiz Spy)

Blockbuster and going out of business. Damn you, Netflix. (Esquire)

Emma Stone suffered an asthma attack during sex scenes in that new movie of hers. I kind of like her. Come on, now. If you were in “Superbad,” you have to be cool, right? (OK!)

Looking at what tops your library when your library is sorted by play count. Kind of neat. (NPR)

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  1. The Savages. Capote. Patch Adams. The Talented Mr Ripley. Almost Famous. Empire Falls. Charlie Wilson's War. The Invention of Lying.

    I would like this man to be the theme of a movie marathon. I heart PSH.