Monday, September 20, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Why the Celtics signed Shaq, Letterman talks Twitter and you should pay more attention to Bill Withers

So, I thought episode eight was great. In fact, both seven and eight are easily my two favorite episodes of "Man Men" thus far this season. But the more people I talk to about it (and people, who, I may add, have opinions I fully respect and seek), the more I find that episode eight wasn't an episode that people entirely loved. I find myself disagreeing more and more with the "smart" "Mad Men" fans - the ones who claim to love the show for all the "hip" reasons (if that makes any sense). And that bothers me. Makes me feel like a "stupid" "Mad Men" fan. Now, with all of that said, I didn't much care for episode nine. Naturally, this leads me to believe most of the fans of the show will think it was brilliant, or it was one of their favorite episodes. It's like I'm on the outside looking in to the inside in which I already reside. Sally Draper. Sally Draper. Sally Draper. We love you, sweetheart, but enough it enough. By the end of the hour, I was begging for the show to end simply because I couldn't stand her brat-like demeanor. She's got to go live with Don eventually, right? I mean, come on now. That writing is on the wall. Even the doc was annoying, complaining about children and "failing tests." Goodness, people. How much whining can one "Mad Men" episode hold? The most redeeming factor? Roger Sterling was a big part of this go-around. And if you noticed, he didn't make any appearance last week. Also, I sort of root for him and Joan to work things out (which is why you see the above picture). Side: How many of you also thought he would take that gun from the hooligan and fight for his and Joan's stuff? I was on the edge of my seat. No way that dude got away, I thought. And just when I was beginning to warm up to Miss Blankenship...Boom. The final 20 seconds were fabulous as you saw Peggy get into the elevator with Joanie and the doc and you just have to smile at all the metaphors being thrown into your eyes. Goodness, I babble, don't I? In any case, welcome to Week 26, all your comments regarding "Mad Men" are welcome and encouraged (I'll be checking!), and we hope you have a fantastic rest of the day.

Half of this blog is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. And this play was pretty neat. (The Big Lead)

A writer talks with the directors of “Still Bill,” a movie catching up with the man who wrote the greatest song ever written, Bill Withers. Months ago, I had the idea for this exact story, pitched it to a friend, who responded with a “well, I don’t really think you’ll be able to pull that off” kind of statement. Three months later, not only has someone else thought of it, but it’s someone who writes for the same Web site that I do! This is equal parts saddening, infuriating, disappointing and heart-breaking. (Popmatters)

The New York Times
profiles Jason Whitlock. I can’t understand why Le Batard’s quote is getting so much traction. The same thing was said about Keith Olbermann nearly a decade ago. (The New York Times)

David Letterman talks about Twitter. We know he’s not perfect, but you have to love Letterman. You just have to. (The Star Press)

English is dead. Read this. Now. (Washington Post)

Eddie Vedder got married Saturday. Though I can admit I’m not the biggest Pearl Jam fan you could find, he looks happy here, and I’m happy for him. Tim Robbins was the best man. (Rolling Stone)

This may be a post someday: I kind of find myself rooting for Michael Vick to do well. Come on, now. We all love a redemption story. And as long as he keeps saying he knows he’s the back-up (which he admittedly didn’t always say), you ought to root for him. (ESPN)

Kobe said he had one more ring than Shaq. And that’s why the Boston Celtics signed him. (Yahoo)

Your weekly “Mad Men” recap. RIP Ms. Blankenship. (Entertainment Weekly)


  1. I don't see Sally Draper as a brat. I feel bad for her. I think that her behavior was bratty, but I understand it. Here's a kid who has no loving adult presence in her life. The person who looks out for her the most is her nanny. Her mother views her as an annoyance and a bad kid; her dad is mostly absent.

    I think in some moments -- like when Don put her to bed or ordered pizza or took her out for the morning -- I see glimpses of Don being a good dad. I don't doubt that he loves his kids. I do doubt that Betty loves the kids, though. I think Sally is a kid who's suffering from a lack of affection in her life, who is confused and sad and wanting someone to understand her.

  2. Yes, I agree with all of that, but I also feel as though she crosses that line from time to time. There are differences in each episode in which I can empathize with her and when I'm just annoyed by her.

    And Don seems like he wants to be a great dad. That's why I think she eventually moves in with him. I could see him do it.

    And again, Betty is the absolute worst.

  3. I am usually culturally stupid.

    And Viva le English! Ha!

  4. Sally is actually one of my favorite characters in the show. I was wondering the week before last when she would show up again. I swear the girl is going to be a Political Science major at Berkeley. She is growing up at a very transitional and emotional time period... she is witness to a lot of political and sociopolitical events as she is thrust in front of the television constantly by her mother. Think about all the things that are on the tv as she is told to "go watch tv" and things that are happening in her life (connections and loose ends). Matthew Weiner's attention to detail is astonishing.

    She did annoy me in this past episode but rightfully so. She hates her home life and sees her father as a route for escape. Don of course is too busy to be the kind of father he could be but definitely has some compassion but little patience when it comes to his kids.

    And can I say how mad I am about the death of Miss Blakenship. I loved her cranktankerous (cranky + cantankerous) ways. She is EXACTLY what Don needed.

    And as for Roger and Joan...I couldn't be more than excited for their "moment" I have always been rooting for them. I mean how can Joanie be with a man that raped her in her boss' office. I mean really...and then he just up and signs up for the military without consulting her. But that woman is damn strong and blows me away with her badassness!

    Ok...enough of this week's Mad Men rant.

    R.I.P Miss Blankenship.

  5. Yes. I agree in large with what you have said. But all this behind us, what the hell is going on this season? I feel like something needs to blow up