Thursday, September 23, 2010

Network TV be bringing the A-game this season

You know it's funny, when I was a teenager, I thought network TV was awful. Back then, had you given me a choice on any given day, I would have taken MTV over ABC, CBS or NBC without hesitation (Fox was still a fringe channel at the time). Come to think of it, I don't remember a single piece of television during my formative teenage years that didn't involve the words Real, World, Road or Rules.

How did I turn out even moderately well adjusted?

Anyways, so here we are, midway through week one of the new network television season, and I have to say - so far so good. Here are a few of the high points from what I was able to catch:

"The Event"
Anytime a show has this much hype, it's gotta be bad, right? I mean, those teasers bordered on laughable at times with the whole "this show is so mysterious thing." I have to say though, I liked episode one. The show jumps around a lot and has a "Lost" meets "24" vibe. Jason Ritter is really good (although he looks a little creepy to me), the rest of the cast is good (but someone please tell Ritter's girlfriend to eat something) and the cliffhanging storyline really has me looking forward to next week. Just make sure you're situated when you sit down to watch it - if you miss even a minute you might be left behind.

"Modern Family"
The season premier was just like every other episode - hilarious, heartwarming and over too soon. Phil and Claire's crew prepare for the sale of the old family station wagon, Cam, Mitchell and Jay build a castle and Gloria competes with Manny's latest love interest - need I say more? With characters like these the jokes write themselves. This is the one show on television that makes me laugh out loud multiple times.

Ok, I think everyone has mixed reviews of this one. The episode took place immediately after House and Cuddy return to his place after they lose the patient in last season's finale, and as expected, they get together... and keep "getting together" throughout the entire episode. At one point, I swear the director was telling the camera guys, "All right, $50 for whoever can come the closest to showing Cuddy's lady parts on natioanl television." I root for House and Cuddy, the couple - I have no clue how it would ever work though. Damn you for being right again House... Also, the 13 story intrigues me, despite the fact that she wouldn't do you know what with you know who. Come on! They would make some beautiful babies with AWESOME accents, am I right?

Other random comments:
1. "Law & Order SVU" needs to stop. 2. Did anyone watch "Mike and Molly" by chance? The lead character (Billy Gardell) is really funny but I didn't catch the show. 3. "Mike and Molly" notwithstanding, CBS could stop being a network and I would not even blink. I just can't get into anything on that channel. Sorry "Big Bang Theory" fans. 4. Can't wait for "30 Rock," hope you're with me. 5. The Hoff is off... of "Dancing With The Stars" that is. America and I collectively rejoice. 6. Was it just me, or did "Biggest Loser" seem extra cruel this week? I haven't been that uncomfortable since... (insert "Family Guy" flashback scene here). 7. Jimmy Smits: what are you thinking with this new show "Outlaw?" You're ruining whatever cred you earned after Dexter.

I watch too much TV.

See you at 4 p.m. for you Ride Home links. xoxoxo

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