Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Mariotti's recent troubles discussed on television, Demi Moore dances and your obligatory "'Modern Family' is great" piece

"It's the perfect song. A good drum intro. Great groove. And the lyrics are even a little bit romantic." That's what my dad said over the weekend as we revisited this band and a bootleg we made of them when we once saw them, what now seems like decades ago. Oh, how we miss you, The Urge. For those who like horns, reggae-ish music, funkiness, a little bit of soul and a lotta bit of a great voice, check them out. Way too bad they gave it up. So, hello to you, our dear, dear friends who are always here for support. It's the final day of August and that's bizarre. September is a mere few hours away and the end of summer 2010 is upon us. Big weekend coming up, and I only recently realized how many things I need to get done within the next, oh, say, like 36 hours. And it's because of that, that I will keep this introduction short. From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely hope you enjoy the final day of (supposedly) the warmest month of the year, and we will see you back here, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, tomorrow morning. Remember: Always be respectful to others.

“Around The Horn” talked about the Mariotti business. Interesting. (The Big Lead)

Bob Bradley had his contract extended last night. Yes, that will be tomorrow’s post. (Boston Globe)

The New York Times
and using the F-word. (New Yorker)

Mike Wise gets suspended for a month from the Washington Post for claiming Big Ben’s suspension was reduced to five games. On Twitter. (Pro Football Talk)

Something that is often looked over, but never should be: A newspaper is now going to recognize same-sex marriages in its wedding announcements. (Editor And Publisher)

It’s just sort of funny. Demi Moore dances like she’s 22 and out after finals week. (TMZ)

Green Day is going to release a live album. People still like them, right? (Alternative Press)

Because I couldn’t really elaborate how happy I was with “Modern Family" and the Emmys yesterday. Check this out. (New York Times)

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