Monday, August 23, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Much to say about the Mariotti fallout, Conan's single, "Dexter" and goodness, 'Mad Men' was uncomfortable

That was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen on cable television. In a "oh, no. Wait. She's not really going to... Wait...Really? Oh my God. That's what she was doing?!" moment, Sally Draper finds herself in trouble after being caught masturbating in public. She's 10. Couldn't believe it. Felt like I needed to take a shower after the episode was done. In a rare moment that forced me to dislike Roger Sterling, the white-haired man became insufferable last night, and, ironically enough, allowed me to kind of like Pete Campbell (again, a rare, first-ever moment). The Honda tactic was smart, and it's a moment such as that particular instance that reminds you of why you find yourself rooting for Don, even though he walks that "should I root for him or not" line so often. He's savvy. And the stunt he pulled last night was nothing short of fantastic. Naturally, after I scream about Jan Jones not being on the show last week, last night's episode was pretty Betty-centric (goodness, she is the worst mother ever). And finally, Don's new secretary has now officially lasted one more show than I had anticipated she would. But that's OK. I'm beginning to warm up to her comic relief. Thoughts? Comments? You know where to leave them. Speaking of which, have you stumbled across our romantic comedy thread yet? Again, all suggestions welcome/needed. Hello Week 22, and hello Hanson. Why hello Hanson? We'll get to that in tomorrow's Ride. Mondays are reserved for "Mad Men," silly. Besides, I've already run way too long for an opening paragraph, and we wouldn't want to bore you, you know. Alas, follow some of the below links and have a wonderful Monday.

Anybody out there hear about this Jay Mariotti situation? Here’s Dan LeBarard’s take on it. A must-read for sports-heads. A must. (The Big Lead)

And now a list of other ESPN personalities that have found themselves in trouble. (Midwest Sports Fan)

Sort of funny in an MTV cheesy kind of way: Movies folks would like to see based around Web sites. (MTV)

Courtland Milloy, one of the most explosive columnists in America, tackles the n-word and how it should be relayed in print. (Washington Post)

“Good God.” Those were the words uttered after seeing the financial statements at Newsweek. (Wall Street Journal)

Lithgow praises Michael C. Hall and “Dexter.” Almost to season four. No spoilers, please. (People)

Conan’s first single. (Pitchfork)

As always, a better, more detailed recap of last night’s “Mad Men.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Because you probably never check our Twitter account, and I know you love Nickelodeon game shows. (Twitter)


  1. Don't forget the "Jordan Rides The Bus" 30for30 on ESPN at 8 tonight (Tuesday)...