Monday, August 16, 2010

...For The Ride Home: How 'This American Life' finds stories, Clooney's new project and the juggalos strike again

How does January Jones still collect a pay check from "Mad Men?" Can someone please explain that to me. She's been in 18 minutes of this entire season so far. So, last night, we see Alison walk out on Don, a move we knew had to come eventually. The odd part, though, was the fallout and Don's apparent desire to want her back. Best part of the episode (aside from watching Peggy spy on Don over the wall, as you can read more about if you follow the link below)? Don sitting down to write a letter to his former secretary and watching him type the sentence, "My life has been very..." before stopping and throwing the paper away. Pete's going to have a baby now, and the final scene that shows him and Peggy staring each other down was just fantastic. And speaking of Peggy, it's about time she ventured out away from that loser of a boyfriend she has. Clearly the girl has already reserved her seats at Woodstock in four years after seeing her begin to hang out with all of those forward-thinking folks. And as if this particular review hasn't been Peggy-heavy enough already, it must be noted that she had the line of the show when told that her boyfriend doesn't "own her vagina." "He may not own it," she says, "but he does rent it." Crude yet tasteful. In any case, what shall happen next week? Anybody think Alison will come back? It doesn't appear to be all that likely. Will Peggy leave the agency to become a bit of a beatnik? Will Don find a new secretary (there's no way he stays with that old lady)? Oh, so much to ponder. Before we find those answers, though, we must offer the following links to kick off Week 21. Be good, now, you hear.

Whitney Cummings killed at The Hoff’s roast last night. Though this isn’t the funniest thing she said, it’s certainly the one that’s getting the most headlines. (Deadspin)

“This American Life” and finding stories. If you like NPR, you’ll love this. (Washington Post)

Rupert Murdoch has never succeeded in any digital adventure. Interesting. (Newser)

How the hell did this girl land this role over Carey Mulligan, Ellen Page and Mia Wasikowska? There’s no way I’m going to see this movie now! (MTV)

The obligatory Tila Tequila incident over the weekend link. Some would say her getting out of there alive would be a “Miracle.” (Dimewars)

As mentioned up top: A vote for Peggy spying on Don as the best part of last night’s “Mad Men.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Some people seem to have a problem with Ms. Linney’s new show. I’m still looking for a way to find an episode online (Help, anyone?). Yes, it’s about cancer, and yes, it’s aimed at making people laugh. But it’s Laura Linney. How could it possibly be bad? (CBS News)

George Clooney as Frank Sinatra. Angelina Jolie as Marilyn Monroe. That’s all. (Hollywood)


  1. Wow. I can't think of anyone less suited for the role of Marilyn than Angelina. Except maybe Calista Flockhart. Bleh.

  2. After reading the Millennium trilogy, casting someone relatively unknown (at least compared to Ellen Page) makes more sense. The Swedish originals will most likely be better anyways.

  3. Completely agree on Jolie. Seems way too odd to work. And I didn't really want Ms. Page to be cast in the role, either. But Mia or Carey, I thought, had an in-road on that. Both are gaining enough steam for the role to matter, yet both are a bit unknown still, too, so they could give it more credibility. I commend the link that will be in today's Ride that profiles this lady they did pick for the role.