Thursday, August 19, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Conan is going to release records, Chelsea Handler will host the VMAs and the country's most stressful cities

I finally did get around to seeing this the other night. The line I typically got on it from people who have already seen it was "the music's great." My line to you? The music's great. I don't really know how else to put it. The acting's fine. The story's OK. Overshadowing the entire thing, though, is how wonderful the music is. I still have a bad taste in my mouth because Clooney didn't win for "Up In The Air." But alas, such is life. Hello, hello. Welcome to Thursday. Did you miss Wednesday in much the same way I did? Ahhh, yes. I apologize dearly for not dropping by yesterday. Unforeseen happenings occurred, and while my day was wasted, the true thing that proved bothersome was knowing I was unable to offer up a few links and (sometimes) witty banter in this particular corner of the Internet. Did you miss me? I doubt it. But I did miss you. Promise. But alas, today, I am back, ready to share some stories with you, and hoping you don't hate me too much. Hey. Friday's nearly here. If nothing else, you really ought to be happy about that, right? In any case, enjoy the following links, and, if you get a little bit of time, enjoy a nice summer night as well. It's almost gone, you know.

Chelsea Handler is going to host this year’s Video Music Awards. Can somebody please explain to me what her appeal is? (MTV)

“Live Entertainment in Kabul: Dog Fighting.” Must-read on in-flight magazines in Afghanistan. (Wall Street Journal)

Business journalists make an average of $65,000 a year? Honestly? Wow. (SABEW)

The top 10 guitar albums of all time. (Popmatters)

Rick Reilly’s take on this Dustin Johnson business that occurred at the PGA Championship over the weekend. (ESPN)

The most stressful cities in the country. Riverside, California, is a city? (Yahoo)

Eminem: Still holding on to that No. 1 spot. That’s hard to do these days, you know. (Billboard)

Kat Von D is officially dating the guy who broke Sandra Bullock’s heart. Seems kind of quick, doesn’t it? (Actress Archives)

Conan is going to release two albums. That’s kind of neat. (MSNBC)

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