Friday, August 13, 2010

Double Feature: Scott Pilgram Vs. The World & Eat Pray Love

Each Friday, we will offer up two movies that are scheduled to be released within the accompanying weekend. We know, we know. It’s hard to come across blogs who ever actually get movie talk right. That’s why we won’t say much. A trailer. A paragraph. And boom – all you need to know about what new movies you can take your beautiful object of affection to see this weekend. It's like going to the drive-in movie theater. Remember those? So much fun. Thank us later, not now.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Michael Cera. Anna Kendrick. Aubrey Plaza. And these aren't people I simply like. I love them. Not going to see this. Not even on DVD. It's just so hard to get into something based around a comic book. Yes. A comic book. Not a graphic novel. It's a book filled with colors and little dialogue. Even when I find myself edging toward "I may see this someday" territory, I see one more clip that reminds me I'll just be disappointed. Floating words around everything that happens (i.c. the word "ring" floating around a telephone as it makes a sound)? Honestly? We are starting to get into the time of year in which good movies come around, so though I am exponentially disappointed that Mr. Cera is in yet another movie I'll most likely pass on, I must take solace in the fact that something good may be coming around the corner. How long until that "Arrested Development" movie again?

Eat Pray Love

How odd is it that of the two movies this week, I admit I'm more likely to see the one that isn't centered around a comic book and stars Michael Cera? More so, how odd is it that the one I've already admitted to at least taking in on DVD someday is the one starring Julia Roberts and was lauded by such a powerhouse woman as Oprah? Oh, and did I mention I'm 20-something, and, well, a dude? Yeah, anyways, the always-fabulous Javier Bardem (rent "Vicki, Christina, Barcelona" tonight), the often-funny James Franco, and the always brilliant Viola Davis join Ms. Roberts in a tale that was seemingly meant to be discussed throughout your local woman's book club meetings with authority. These kinds of pseudo-poignant movies are always films I enjoy, though, and when you take into consideration that I wasn't one of the 90 million people who hated "Duplicity," one of Roberts' most recent efforts, I could easily see myself falling into the trap of seeing this when nothing else I want to see is at the theater I'm located near. Side: Has anyone actually read this book? Come on, now. I know at least some of you have. Drop a review in the comments. It may make or break my movie-viewing ventures.

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