Friday, August 20, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Carson Daly's show is renewed, Brian Williams hates Facebook, Demi Lovato buys a house and is Jack leaving '30 Rock?'

It took until the middle of August, but I do believe I finally found a summer jam. And this is it, granted a remixed version with Jay-Z. Either way, this is it. Love her new record and I owe it all to the same person who provided me a copy of LCD Soundsystem's latest record before it hit stores. I love friends. Welcome to the end of Week 21. Woke up to an interesting surprise that I still haven't figured out how to feel about. As some of you may or may not have picked up by now, I may or may not review CDs, among other things, for another, much bigger Web site. In my e-mail's inbox, I found I had been mailed David Gray's new album by my editor to review. Having originally thought it was a simple re-release of some of his earlier material (since "Babylon," he has been re-releasing stuff for years on a monthly basis, it seems), I shrugged. A little research and a few clicks later, and I find it's an actual brand new CD. And it's a double disc, to boot! This made me equal parts happy, excited and disappointed in myself for not knowing this already. Love that dude. Anyways, and more importantly, I finally got to see "Leap Year" last night. I never thought I would ever get to a point where I could say this, but, it was BETTER than I thought it would be. Did it inspire a Monday post? You shall see (hint: I wouldn't ask if it inspired a Monday post if it didn't inspire a Monday post. Or something). But before we get there, we must provide you, the well-rounded and always attractive reader, with a few links to ponder for the weekend. And yes, even though I was unable to stop by one day this week (for the first time, mind you), that doesn't mean my feelings have changed. Remember: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That said, friends, love you, miss you.

Six pop groups from the ‘90s that MTV thinks should get back together. Who is LMNT? (MTV)

Saw this item this morning and immediately conducted news searches for “30 Rock.” Why? Well, if you read this entire interview (Beadle comes off very, very cool, by the way), she mentions at the end at Alec Baldwin’s character is leaving the show. Is that true? Has anyone heard this? Awful way to wake up. (Manofest)

This man is angry at Google. But his argument is interesting, and I’m positive you can relate. (Slate)

Rule No. 1 for aspiring journalists: Don’t believe that journalism school will help prepare you for a career. Honestly, though. If you have any ambition to do this kind of stuff, this is a must-read. (Online Journalism Review)

Brian Williams does not like Facebook. Reason No. 40 why he’s awesomeradical. Reason No. 29? He’s been known to slow-jam the news. (Market Watch)

Michael J. Fox is coming back to television. No snarky remark here. Good for him. (New York Post)

Wow. Carson Daly’s show got renewed on NBC. Now, I know none of you will ever give it a chance, but with this new format, you can tell that he’s really, at the very least, trying to put out a good show. Hate him all you want, but it’s the only program where you could ever, ever see someone like The XX perform in the States. (Showbiz Spy)

Cheryl Miller is going to be inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame along with other people you may know. Really like her. Seems like she’s done a lot for the game without even knowing it. (Los Angeles Times)

Demi Lovato turns 18. Buys a house. For her family. (People)


  1. I know at least one half of the blog doesn't care about this, but I really really hope this happens:

    To relate this comment to the post, 30 Rock without Jack Donaghy is like...The Office without Michael Scott

  2. Yuck (this is the half that doesn't care about Weezer). And good analogy with 30 Rock and The Office. Though I think Jack is more crucial and more funny.