Monday, August 9, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Esstential movie performances, is Tiger Woods someone you'd root for, and "Mad Men" Monday!

Week 20, week 20. Hello. Welcome back. How do you do? On a scale of 1 to 100, how much did you miss us (anything under 500 is unacceptable)? What have you been up to? Do you enjoy bagel sandwiches? All of these are pertinent questions, and though tradition expects me to return from vacation beginning with Monday's Ride, I thought of penning a "let's catch up" post, but alas, such things have not happened. I justified that by telling myself I would toss out a few things in this particular space, but then I remembered, "NO! This space is reserved for 'Mad Men' talk!" So here we go. We find out Joanie has had two abortions last night, which in an odd way is acceptable and predictable at the same time, while inexplicably not taking anything away from her character. And that's hard to do. More evidence of Don's life crumbling comes when he gets news out west that Anna is probably going to die. This, in turn, led to a few lines that were noteworthy uttered by Don, though they escape me now, a day later (maybe I should start taking notes when I watch). The Brit's life is crumbling as well, leaving the door open for a "what's going to end up happening with this character" discussion that deserves far more than a mere Ride paragraph. Though, all of that said, the scenes from next week finally suggest that after the last two episodes' worth of build-up, "when will this come to ahead" material, we are going to see a few things explode, which excites me beyond belief. The writers made it a clear point to suggest that even before next week's previews began when Joanie sits down at the table to announce to everyone that it is now 1965. Oh, and, as you will see if you follow the link below, any thoughts on Anna having a messed-up leg and the correlation it may have with the journalist Don ran into at the beginning of the season? Just food for thought. Whew! As always, all suggestions/comments are welcome as I will check back through the day and evening to see if we can't share some valuable "Mad Men" chatter. Oh, and I saw "The Kids Are All Right." Anyways, check out the links, check back tomorrow, and try not to write too many checks. It's always good to save money in a recession, you know.

The Premier League kicks its season off Saturday. I’d give you a full post about it, but something tells me you may never come back if I do. Instead, I’ll note that Manchester United beat Chelsea for the Community Shield, and whoever wins the Community Shield typically has a pretty good shot at winning the Premiership. I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin.’ (Soccer Blog)

An updated list of essential film performances. Leo in “The Departed” and Boogey make an appearance. (Popmatters)

Wolf Blitzer has been at CNN for 20 years. Here’s a profile on the guy. (The Baltimore Sun)

Magazine circulation is down. This is bad. Really bad. (Paid Content)

Any magazine that labels itself as the “Anti-Maxim Magazine” is a magazine I want to check out. (Boston Globe)

That long-awaited Jay-Z memoir is finally going to see the light of day. Good. Now you know what to get me for Christmas. Just send it to The Unusual Suspects headquarters. (Rolling Stone)

John Goodman wants you to know how to lose weight. Love, love, love him on “Treme.” (Showbiz Spy)

Tiger shot 602 over-par this weekend. Question that may just be made into a post: Do his recent struggles incline you to begin rooting for him to do well this weekend at the year’s final major? (Los Angeles Times)

Man Men. Expect these every Monday. (Vanity Fair)


  1. Being that this season is much to do about "who is Don Draper?" Dick Whitman? Whaaa...who is he without the only person that knows who is truly is and still loves him for it? If Anna dies will all be lost with Don? And seriously...Don has lost his touch with woman but why? He lived such a double live with Betty and the kids and his adulterous life, where oddly enough he was more of "himself" when he was with these women. This could continue but I'll stop there...

    But of course I think it is of course not only, "Who is Don Draper?" but we are asking the same for all of the characters. Who is Joanie? The sweetheart and babe of the office that has had two abortions but now wants to think about a family with some no-so-great surgeon (the scene with the stitches really made it clear that Joanie doesn't even believe in his skills but then is she surprised by the care he gives her?). That whole relationship has me confused. I secretly always wanted her and Roger Sterling to get together...but alas that didn't happen (or hasn't happened yet?).

    Who is Peggy Olson? This character will continue to keep me interested...but this new guy she is with makes me wonder about her. Is he a boyfriend just to say she has one because it clearly seems she has no intention to marry this guy.

    And the resurgence of Freddy? I still haven't quite figured this out yet but his unstable kind of nature makes me excited about what could happen.

    And my dear brit Lane, I never knew that guy had a sense of humor but perhaps a little taste of "Mary Jane" will do that to anyone.


  2. That girl had 2 abortions last night? Whoa, Nelly.

  3. OK, first,

    The scenes with Don and Anna are absolutely fabulous because it really does seem as though it is the only time Don feels OK with life/who he is/what has become of him/etc. If we lose that outlet with the death of Anna, it's going to be heartbreaking. That said, though, this would leave a door open for him to find someone else in which he could confide, and the search for that has the potential to be brilliant television. Yes, he's lost his charm with women, too. It's almost cringe-worthy to watch him interact with females anymore.

    Joanie's case is a bit more complex, which says a thing or two considering how complex Don's life is. She needs to get away from the doc, and I, too, always thought there would be a chance with her and Roger. It hasn't happened yet, but with this guy going away to war, there is no way he's coming back alive. Enter Mr. Sterling. Please.

    No Peggy this week and I'm actually awfully interested to see how they use her next week. Her beau can't stick around. He just can't. I think he is simply filling a temporary void in her life for now. Actually, I see her and Don as two very, very similar people. That could go on forever, though, so I'll stop there. And Lane needs to figure out what's going on with his family. He can't leave, though. No way that show still works if he's gone.

    And secondly, she didn't have two abortions last night. We just found out that she has had two abortions in her life. That would indeed be crazy if two happened in one one-hour episode of a television show.

    Wow that was a lot! Keep them coming.

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