Friday, August 27, 2010

Double Feature: Takers & The Last Exorcism

Each Friday, we will offer up two movies that are scheduled to be released within the accompanying weekend. We know, we know. It’s hard to come across blogs who ever actually get movie talk right. That’s why we won’t say much. A trailer. A paragraph. And boom – all you need to know about what new movies you can take your beautiful object of affection to see this weekend. It's like going to the drive-in movie theater. Remember those? So much fun. Thank us later, not now.


Hey, look! It’s Stringer Bell from “The Wire!” Or Charles from “The Office,” if you fancy. The problem? He’s surrounded by a rapper who just got out of jail, an r&b singer who should still be in jail, Johnny Drama’s real-life brother and the dude who was in “Star Wars.” Boy, T.I. looks bad in these previews, doesn’t he? He just doesn’t seem like he can act all that well. Biggest question: Does Chris Brown being in this movie impact how many people end up going to see it? That’s an awfully good question. This has “nobody could possibly go and see this” written all over it, but weren’t some people saying the exact same thing about “The Expendables?” Who knows? It’s action. It’s got a ton of people in it. And school is about to start. $10 million? Maybe? $5 million? Either way, let’s hope Stringer can land a part in a movie I actually want to see someday. That, friends, would make me awfully happy.

The Last Exorcism

I hate to say this. I really do. But the way this movie appears to be shot, it seems like it's legitimately scary, and actually something that wouldn’t be all that bad if you tend to like horror films. Me? Give me the “Saws” and that’s about it. But you? Well, the general public seems to enjoy horror flicks. And this has Eli Roth’s hands all over it. The last time I checked, he was supposed to be a pretty big deal in this particular genre, right? The trailer reminds me of “The Blair Witch Project” in its own weird, off-color way. Side: I actually saw TBWP in theaters, and this was during the portion of my life that I didn’t watch movies. Initially even thought it was real. Spooked me out. Anyways, where we were? Oh, yes. That’s right. Hey, why not check this out, if you dig scary stuff? Patrick Fabian is in it. And he was in “Saved By The Bell: The College Years.” And yes, that sound you hear is the car door slamming as you now get in the car to rush to see the movie.

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  1. I went to see this this evening.
    Very good...Instant on Netflix, too.