Monday, October 4, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Fox News is your new source for all Tea Party information, Zuckerberg could sue movie makers and the U.S. goes down hard

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Roger. What the hell do you think you are doing? Lies, lies and more lies, and we see how far this gets you. With only two episodes left, "Mad Men" has left nothing but doom and gloom talk to be had as this fourth season winds down. For really the first time this season (or at least, that's how it feels), we finally get to see Don Draper work as the boat his company resides in keeps sinking further and further into the sea. I was shocked (shocked!) to see Peggy end up with that creep she dismissed a couple weeks ago. That was...disappointing. We saw the beginnings of a youth movement, though, as Ms. Olson went into a meeting and got a deal done in quintessential Don Draper fashion. And speaking of Mr. Draper: Oh the humanity! What are you thinking, my man? You see what sleeping with secretaries does to your life, so why turn down that road again? That said, I still don't support his relationship with Faye. Don't know why, either. Just can't get behind that. In some odd, inexplicable way, I root for things to actually progress with this new secretary. But man, does she have some messed up teeth, or what? And that answer isn't what. Bold prediction: Pete leaves by the end of the season, Roger finds some way out of the company, and everything becomes all blown up. They have to do that, right? After last year's dog and pony show of a season finale. Good day, Week 28. Let's see what you can offer.

The Europeans won the Ryder Cup this morning. It was the first time in almost 20 years the competition came down to the final match. So, so sad. (ESPN)

Did anyone catch “Saturday Night Live” this weekend? Kanye West thanks any and everyone around for the success of his performance. Bigger story: “What Up With That” returned. (MTV)

Terry Gross, who, if you remember correctly, I love and ran into at a record store in Philly last May, sits down with Jon Stewart. (NPR)

People StyleWatch is the magazine of the year. Or so says these guys. (Ad Age)

Fox News: The official television network of the Tea Party. (New York Times)

First movies. Then television. And now music is going to have a stab at 3-D. (Pollstar)

Zuckerberg and the thought of suing the producers of “The Social Network.” T-minus 18 hours until I finally sit down with what Rolling Stone says is the best movie of the year. (The Hollywood Reporter)

A “Mad Men” recap. Only two episodes left! Frown face. (Entertainment Weekly)

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