Monday, October 18, 2010

These six things I know are true

1. I spent a lot of time with "Recovery" this weekend. The above video plays a song that literally made me laugh out loud. Damn, he's good.
2. I am going to take a breather from these parts this week. I cannot speak for my better half, though, so you may want to check back Tuesday and Thursday to see what he's got to offer. Though I love you dearly, I have a few things to focus in on this week that have nothing to do with a silly little blog that nobody really reads, anyways. Many reasons are behind that, but none too particularly interesting.
3. There was no Ride Friday, and I apologize for that. The InterWebs crashed and access to such things became non-existent for myself.
4. I had a fabulous weekend.
5. Yes, I know the season finale to "Mad Men" was last night, and because there will clearly be no Ride today, I will be sure to give the entire season/last episode its proper due with a full post - but only if the following doesn't get in the way...
6. I'm not really sure if I'll be back. If such a thing occurs, I will most definitely poke my head in to offer a proper goodbye, and remind you lovely, fantastic, loyal readers that I heart you more than Valentine's Day candy. If such a thing does not occur, then I plan on seeing your pretty virtual faces back here, smiling and shiny one week from today. Either way, because I was unable to be around Friday (and because I will not be around this coming Friday as well), I must remind you once again that though I'll be stepping away from the computer for the next couple days, you can not forget that I love you, miss you!


  1. hmmm. wishing you successful focusing

  2. You HAVE to come back. If I came back, you do too!

    And now I must leave again, but just for a little while.

  3. You guys are on my Google Reader, and I read all of your posts even when I don't comment. I'll miss your posts, but I wish you luck with whatever important things you have going on this week.

  4. ditto to what Julie says. hope you don't go away too far and that you come back!

  5. We spoke about this this past weekend, and I'll repeat what I told you. I love this blog and read it on a daily basis. If this really is the end of your posts, I'll greatly miss reading your posts. I hope your other half keeps up the good work, but there really will be a gap in my day without twice daily posts.