Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Everybody wants a divorce, why journalists and PR people hate each other and the fastest selling video game is...

...Because I know there's somebody out there who may appreciate this more than others. And I really, really like this song. I know the critics semi trashed it (and by critics, of course, I don't necessarily mean a certain Associate Editor. Hey a six is better than anything one through five, right?), but I've really found peace with Mr. Gray's latest record. Plus, I'm telling you, if you fill out that peak he has on the top of his head, that's pretty much how I look, and that excites me. Oh, and I love the way he bobbs his head. It's adorable! Anyways, I watched "August Rush" last night because 1) many people told me I should see it and 2) Wal-Mart has new $5 movies! The exclamation point is used to portray my excitement. Not only was I able to pick up "Four Brothers" (a total steal), but my roommate insisted on buying this with the express purpose of me watching it with him last night. The kid's great. He's not good. He's great. The rest of the movie? Eh. It's hard to do music right on the big screen. And though I know I've only been watching movies for a few years now, I can honestly say that with the exception of "Cadillac Records," "This Is Spinal Tap" and "Once," it's hard for me to get into any music-driven movie (even when yes, we all know how much music has played a gigantic part in my life). In any case, the kid's good. Damn good. And maybe even worth checking the movie out for. Maybe. In any case, it is Tuesday and it is a nice day. So perk up and enjoy it friends! Now!

Now, this is great. And we can thank the better half of this blog for such a link, too! Ten things journalists and public relation people hate about each other. (Ereleases)

Yahoo asks the question that’s been on all of our minds: Where have all the fun jobs gone? Honestly, though. (Yahoo)

Hey, hey, hey. The latest FIFA video game has become the fastest selling sports video game…ever. Take that (American) football, basketball, baseball and hockey. (The 90th Minute)

Copying and fashion. Read this. (Popmatters)

Christina Aguilera is back on the market. Always thought she was way prettier than the other poplets of that time. Still do, actually. Don’t you think she’d go great with Justin Timberlake? Ohhh. And ahhhh. (TMZ)

…And the same could be said about Courtney Cox. Turns out, dude from “Scream” slept with a bartender. Doesn’t anybody stay together anymore? Damn. I thought these two couples got it right, too. Shall there be no faith in anything anymore? (Fox News)

NPR hires people to monitor its comment boards. Keep in mind, new comment board police men: All things written are said in a monotone, serious voice, and shall be written with words containing no less than nine letters. (NPR)

Andy Richter is coming back with Conan. If only Max was listening. (Entertainment Weekly)

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