Friday, October 8, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Figuring out much online writers get paid, Brett Favre is awfully close to a mess and if John Lennon were still alive

I don't care what you are doing tonight. I don't care if you have plans you couldn't wait to come across for months. I don't care if it's going to be a first date. A blind date. A second, "well, we will be able to tell if this is going to work out after this" date. A night with your loved one. A night with your children. A night out with your boys. A night out with your girls. Call whoever it is you need to call and cancel those plans. Walk to the nearest bankrupt Blockbuster and rent this movie. Now. Rent it. If "Up In The Air" was 2009's 1A, this was 1B. Colin Firth is utterly captivating. Cap-ti-vating. Goodness, gracious. No wonder 2010's movies have sucked. 2009 was playing way above its own pay-grade. "Up In The Air." "A Single Man." "An Education." Hell, even "Crazy Heart" was probably better than anything out so far this year (and that's not to diminish "The Social Network" or "The Kids Are All Right," either). One more time. Go. Rent. This. Movie. OK. We say goodnight (because it means goodbye) to Week 28 differently, considering I plastered a movie poster up here rather than a nifty jingle to send you party animals into the party wild. Alas, I shall never let you down, though, as you will find a video at the bottom of this particular post. And while it may not be much of a jingle, it is far funnier than whatever the normal, well-adjusted people consider is funny. In fact, if there was a Venn Diagram for what is indeed is funny, this would be on it. Before you get to that video, though, you must power your way through the following links, links we offer for you fabulous people to ponder through an October weekend. We hope to see you back here bright eyed and bushy tailed Monday morning for more funtastic fun. Until then, though, enjoy a pretty autumn weekend, try to get a few more rounds of golf in before the weather becomes unbearable, and as always, love you, miss you.

Pretty much the most comprehensive roundup you’ll find today concerning all of this Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger, naked photos, sexual voice mails business. (The Big Lead)

Ohhh. So I guess I’ll have to begin checking for new “60 Minutes” podcasts now that a new season has begun, eh? (Detroit News)

Very, very interesting: How writers get paid on one of the bigger entertainment Web sites. $10 per thousand new visitors is a good place to start. (Business Insider)

And now Rick Sanchez says Jon Stewart is the classiest dude in the world. (ABC News)

The Page Six editor is leaving, and that caps off a shake-em-up week in the world of print media. Naturally, Donald Trump weighs in. (The Daily Beast)

I link this only because of my unrequited love for Genesis and Phil Collins. (Popmatters)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is moving to “Good Morning America.” Has there ever been a more meteoric rise for someone who literally came from nowhere? (People)

Tomorrow would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. No word on whether or not he would have shown up on any of McCartney’s latest dates had he been alive. Somewhere, Ringo thanks God once again for being the luckiest man in the history of music. (USA Today)

Oh. Oh. I think I want to buy this. (Alternative Press)

...And if you don't think this is funny...

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