Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi. My name is.

So, alas all good things must come to an end. Or, well, depending on how you view us, all moderately-OK things must come to an end. That's right, friends. As I alluded to last week, we here at The Unusual Suspects blog are throwing in the towel after seven months of work and over 9,000 hits by various individuals all around this fine world.

To be honest, either of us would have been happy if we knew just nine people would have stumbled across this corner of the blogosphere. So to think that this page has been viewed nearly 10,000 times within almost half a year is something that I can honestly say I'll hold near and dear to the strings of my heart forever (especially when you consider my initial personal goal was somewhere around 3,500 in the first year).

Because we are in complete awe of these particular numbers - and because we wanted to do anything we possibly could to try and convey how happy it makes us to think so many people read our silly ramblings without sending each person a check for 50 cents - we'd like to take a moment to introduce ourselves as we make our way to the door. How self indulgent, you say. And you'd be correct. But having peeked our heads in the comments section now and again to find that some of you may have wondered who we are and where we come from, we thought this was something that has been long overdue, and something you, as the pretty loyal readers you are, deserve.

My name is Colin McGuire. I have been responsible for everything you have seen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I have also been responsible for every Double Feature you may have read, the Blogspot Banters and yes, every single ...For The Ride Home post. That's me. Working 'round the clock to provide you with links you could find anywhere else, shallow movie reviews on films I haven't seen yet and a glimpse into the everyday trials and tribulations a life such as mine can bring.

Unlike my partner who has his master's degree in lying (or, well, public relations) - and, who I may add will pen his own post surrounding the same type of thing later this week - I went to college to earn degree in journalism. Yes. I know. It's like getting a degree in barista-ology. Him and I both freelance for a couple magazines rooted in, of all things, military actions and the job world. I work a regular job as a Night Editor at a small town newspaper in Pennsylvania and, for the last three years, I've been lucky enough to have a column in said newspaper (so, well, you could call me a "columnist" as well). Finally - and before this sounds too much like a profile - I am an Associate Editor at a Web site called Popmatters, a kind-of-big-deal place that offers CD, movie, book, and anything else reviews, along with interviews, profiles, commentaries, and other such pop culture things. For those interested (though I couldn't imagine any of you are) you can view the work I have done there if you click here.

When we started this blog, we wanted it to be fun, sarcastic, subversive, informational, intelligent and reliable. Whether or not you can associate any of those words with us is still up in the air, but even if we failed miserably, you at least now know what exactly it was we were aiming for. It is for this reason as to why the final thing you will see posted is one last Blogspot Banter set to go live Friday. I always wanted to at least try and provide any possible reader with insight from other, more popular bloggers, and that's why I'm more proud of the Blogspot Banters than anything else I've done for this particular outlet.

So why now, right? Well, to be honest, it's simply become too much. By no means am I complaining at all, but being responsible for as many things as I was when it came to this blog - and considering my natural stubbornness and insistence upon always maintaining at least a semi-professional product with the nature of consistency the features appeared - I have come to acknowledge and realize the amount of time it has taken up in my life. Again, this is no knock on the other half of this operation at all (so please don't perceive this in any such way), but the Rides, and movies, and posts, and interviews honestly began ruling my life for a second or six.

What else? Well, I love evolving. Growing. Maturing. Learning. Our lives are nothing but snapshots. That's all. And sometimes we get lucky enough to catch a perfect night. A perfect relationship. A perfect afternoon. A perfect five minutes. A perfect five days. A perfect five years. And with that said, I've honestly felt as though we have begun the process of spinning our tires in circles. Neither of us could afford to add anything to the already-consuming nature of this project, and, at least from my standpoint, there wasn't too much left to do when it came to this. And I hate that. I felt myself stagnant when it came to this blog, and that was when I knew it was time to semi-gracefully bow out.

So alas, this is my goodbye with the hopes that something new and exciting will be lurking around the corner. I honestly, honestly, and honestly can not thank you guys enough for caring so much as to stop by and check out what we've had to offer. It's been just so much fun, sharing my love for romantic comedies, touching on the intolerance of bullying, corresponding with other bloggers, corresponding with commenters and, of course, meeting people who I would have never, ever come across had I never been involved with this blog.

Thank you. Thank you times infinity. I hope I run into you soon. Somewhere. Somehow. The below video is only added as a final offering. I love her, and I love this record. Really. You ought to check it out. Pretty good. Pretty bitter. Pretty lovely.

But now, for the very last time, and from the absolute deepest and bottomest my heart has ever seen, please don't forget from now until 50 years from now when you think back to that silly little blogspot blog that you used to check out from time to time, please do not forget that....

I'll always love you. I'll always miss you.


  1. I'm going to miss this blog, Colin. I really enjoyed it, and I kept up with every post. And, at the risk of sounding weird, it felt like a place to sort of keep up with you and your life after I left Punxsutawney. So I will genuinely miss it.

    By the way, we still have to hang out sometime.

  2. oh rats. i sure was hoping you'd stick around. but i suppose all good things must... well, you know. i will certainly miss you. especially your take on music and movies - and, in a strange turn, your reliability. i am still proud to be one of your first blogspot banters. it was a real thrill for me and i thank you for that. best of luck in whatever you choose to do next. rock on, colin!

  3. For the past two months or so, I've been a loyal, daily reader. There hasn't been a single line written that hasn't resonated with me. Even if I didn't agree with a particular movie review, or share the exact same sentiment, I always felt moved by your words, connected to you. You have a fan in me for life, and I hope to somehow follow you on the next step of your journey.
    Best of luck and be good, Colin...

  4. Good luck Colin-- I will miss checking in to see what is up on this blog. I rarely if ever commented, but read it when I could. I can relate to the pressures of other responsibilities and the struggle to choose what is the best use of time. After 170 some blog entries I have not even managed to get 10 followers, partly because I barely have time to write my blog entries and do all the other things, much less comment back and forth on others, however much I enjoy reading them. I think you should be proud of the many people who stopped in to read you work. Good luck and...thank you!