Thursday, October 14, 2010

...For The Ride Home: CNN beats Fox News at something, Perez Hilton is a bully and more Brett Favre, of course

This is your official reminder that the best show on television these days is going to do something unprecedented tonight: Broadcast a live show. That's right. "30 Rock" is going all "SNL" on us, and it's going to have a go at live television. I eagerly await this, though I have no idea if I'll actually be able to see it as it's happening, and that upsets me. It should be interesting, though. In any case, hello Thursday. How do you do? I got a good workout in this morning, though I feel as though there was more to do. I hate that type of feeling when you are coming home from the gym, don't you? Oh, you do? Good. We have something in common. Tomorrow marks the final day of the week, and the final day before a weekend that is supposed to be "fun" for me. But never invest too much into one thing, friends. You never quite know how it could turn out. Before the weekend comes, though, we must tread our way through today, and today means a few links for you to consider before you can finally let loose on the days that matter most. We sincerely hope you enjoy at least two of the following and from the bottom of our bottomest hearts, we hope you have a fantastic Thursday evening.

A round-up of what everybody has said about the Brett Favre situation. It’s worth a look. (Deadspin)

A documentary about dubstep. I foresee this in my Netflix que sometime within the next year. (Pitchfork)

We said yesterday that the folks at NPR are not allowed at the upcoming Stewart and Colbert rallies. Today, the Washington Post weighs in. (Yahoo)

Aiming to change the idea that men are only interested in women and booze. Well, duh. Men like sports, too. (Good Men Project)

More people watched CNN than Fox News when the first miner came to the surface. Take that, Bill, Glen and the cast of “Red Eye.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

The 125 best albums of the last 25 years. Lists are so, so fun. No. 1 is admittedly a bit surprising. (Spin)

Hey, here’s a good point: With all this bullying talk, why hasn’t Perez Hilton been criticized for partaking in such things? He’s downright cruel when it comes to some celebrities. (Salon)

The Academy Awards will stay with a late-February date in 2012. That’s assuming we are all still alive, of course. Doesn’t it seem just a bit late? You nearly make it to March before you find out who had the best movie of the previous year. (Los Angeles Times)


  1. Achtung Baby? Really? I guess I'll just forever be one of the few that despise U2 and wish that would stop attempting to make music. I was super pleasantly surprised to see The Smiths at #3 though.

  2. I know!!!! That's exactly what I thought, too. Surprised me.

  3. Wait, one damn minute...and Clarity didn't even make the list? Shenanigans.