Thursday, October 28, 2010

Farewell! How... anti-climactic .

As my blogging better half Colin mentioned on Monday, tomorrow will be the last entry from our little corner of the blogosphere. And how fitting that it will be a Blogspot Banter - the one post per week that requires little-to-no creativity on our part.

I kid, I kid. But seriously.

It's funny... When Colin and I originally talked about starting a blog, I was thinking each of us could post once a week, giving us ample time to develop a witty, fresh, unique perspective on something that a far better writer had previously discussed. Wouldn't you know, a week later he convinced me we need to post twice a day, every day - and I had to fight him to just get weekends off.

Luckily, thanks to my half a dozen years of higher education, during which I mastered both the art AND science of lying (as he so politely put it on Monday), I was able craft a persuasive-enough message to convince Colin that he would be responsible for 85% of the content... but that if we ever put advertisements on the page, we would, of course, split the profits 50/50.

Well, for those who are curious and have actually continued reading up until this point, my name is Frank, and I'm an alcoholic... Not really, but I can see the appeal sometimes. I've got my bachelor's in mass communication and my master's in (are you ready for this) integrated marketing communication. I work in PR and marketing communication for a nonprofit healthcare provider in western PA and, as Colin said, do some freelance magazine writing as well.

I have an awesome, b-e-a-utiful wife named Darcy, two cats named Jimmy and Lydia and an adopted Shepherd/Lab mix named Ginger who we're dogsitting for three years or so while her dad (Darcy's older brother) is serving in Afghanistan. I love Pittsburgh, hate Cleveland and LOVE going on vacation to North Carolina.

Colin and I have played in a few bands together, he as a drummer, myself as a singer. Coincidentally, our partnership in music is much the opposite of this blog - I do most of the work, carry him on my back and do everything I can to keep him motivated. So far, we typically have played power pop kind of stuff, but we'll see what comes next.

I'm not sure how we became best man-friends, but I'm glad we did. It's nice.

What's anti-climactic about my post today, is that Colin was the frontline soldier of this little blog. As the main contributor, he was the face, if you will. I was like the wizard behind the curtain. The silent partner in a business deal. The guy on PTI that wasn't Tony or Michael. And who really cares about that dude anyways?

But for what it's worth, thank you so much for keeping up with us and throwing in your two cents. This was fun, ay?


  1. Farwell my lovely friends indeed. You'll be missed. Next time I see you I'll make you dinner, or lunch, or breakfast, or a snack :)