Thursday, October 7, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The hockey season begins tonight, a new couple definitely worth rooting for and Roy Halladay is good

I've already babbled endlessly about NPR's "Fresh Air." Another program I am always sure to keep my iPod filled with is "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me." It's been that way for years and years and years, actually. And on Jimmy Fallon's show last night, both of these men appeared, and such an action thrilled me to death. I've seen Peter on Craig Ferguson's show a couple times before, but never Carl. And knowing the show will be in Philly in only a matter of weeks now - while knowing there is no possible way for me to attend - breaks my heart beyond belief. If you've never listened to the show, log into your iTunes, search NPR's page, do yourself a favor, and download the most recent episode. And if you don't enjoy listening to things that are podcasted, listen to your local NPR station anytime this weekend, really. It should be there. So hello, Thursday. You know what you mean? You mean that there is only one more day left in the week! Yay! What are you going to do with your weekend? I hope it's something fun. Weekends are always reserved for fun, right? Here's hoping you and your object of affection have a fun-like weekend, and here's hoping you enjoy a link or six below. Have a fantastic Thursday!

Roy Halladay pitched the second no-hitter in postseason history last night. The Phillies beat the Reds to go up 1-0. More impressive? Dude also drove in a run. (Philly Inquirer)

Seventeen cheap dates that women will like. Hey. They said it. (Esquire)

No. No. No. Half the reason why we do what we do is so we can get free food! (Star Tribune)

Newsweek was sold for one dollar. I told you we could have done this had we put our money together. (New York Times)

Lou Dobbs: Hypocrite. (The Nation)

The basketball season begins in less than a month and all the GMs believe the Lakers will win the title and Kevin Durant will win the league MVP. Here's hoping. (Yahoo)

…And hockey season begins tonight. Three of the eight people who read this blog are excited about that. And for you, we offer this. (Sporting News)

Rachael McAdams and Michael Sheen is definitely a couple I could get behind. (Showbiz Spy)


  1. "Don't spend more than $100" on the suggested sushi date....How much sushi are you two eating?! Dear Christ. Even when I cram myself full of sushi and sake my tab is never over $25. Woah. And also, maybe I'm the minority here, I would certainly prefer a pig roast to a "romantic" picnic of cheese and crackers.

  2. Cheese and crackers are never fulfilling. Ever.