Wednesday, October 6, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Randy Moss is going back to Minnesota, non-fiction writers you need to know about and our hearts go out to Mr. Levitt

This is the best movie of 2010. So far, at least. This puts "The Kids Are All Right" at No. 2. Forget your Inceptions. Forget your The Towns. This is it, right here. I still think it's a down year for movies, though. If this ends up lasting another three months in its position, and I'm forced to consider this the best movie of 2010 in my tiny, little brain, then yes, this is a slow movie year. It's still really, really good, though. Eisenberg should get an Oscar nod for this. Honestly, though. In much the same way Clooney was born to play the lead in "Up In the Air," Eisenberg was definitely born to play the lead in this particular flick. It's smart, and sitting right next to romantic comedies, those are my favorite kinds of movies. I don't - and still don't, for that matter - know anything about Facebook, including how to use it. But that doesn't really matter when considering "The Social Network." Dialogue-driven movies: They're the best. And the opening sequence? Goodness, gracious. Fantastic. I feel as though I've been sitting on his end of the table way too many times in my life, acting the exact same way: Scatter-brained, unsure, skeptical, obsessive, quick-speaking, subject-changing, smarmy. Wow, I'm awful, aren't I? I could go on for another 6,000,000 words, but I'll digress for now. Instead, I'll offer the following links, and remind you that the more you are nice to others, others will be nice to you. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Randy Moss is going back to the Minnesota Vikings. Hmm. (NESN)

The five best new artists for October, as determined by Spin. (Spin)

There are only three plausible scenarios for the future of newspapers. And this guy talked about them. (The Herald Times)

Ohhhhh. And. Ahhhhhh. Twenty non-fiction writers under the age of 40 that you should pay attention to. (New Haven Review)

As we said yesterday, Howie Kurtz is out at the Washington Post. And here is what some people think The Post should go after when trying to replace him. (Columbia Journalism Review)

Sooooo, the naked cowboy is going to run for president? Really? (TMZ)

Christina Hendricks: Women hit on her just as much as men do. Side: I love her – don’t get me wrong – but outside of “Mad Men,” it’s hard to find pictures of her in which she looks nearly as good. Side No. 2: I love her voice. (CNN)

This is sad. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brother dies. He was 36. Saw the movie star on Carson Daly’s show last night, promoting the fabulous hitRECord Web site, and he’s just someone to root for. Once came across a tweet from a dude I went to college with who was totally trashing him because he saw Levitt perform his music somewhere. No need for that. Joe seems like a nice kid. (People)


  1. I mistook the picture of Glasser for Karen Elson. She's been a mainstay on our family iPod this week and should definitely have been on Spin's list.

  2. Did you know that Trent Reznor scored the entire movie?

  3. That's so odd, because I mistook the picture of Glasser for someone else, too. I actually went through all the artists just to find out who it really was. Interesting. And yes, he does a terrific job with the score. The music is a big - and great - aspect of the movie.