Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tiger begins his journey back... no, seriously... Yeah, the same Tiger from CNN with the apology and stuff...

It was reported late last week that Tiger Woods began filming his first commercial since the incident... err... 15 incidents that became public around Thanksgiving. The commercial will be for Tiger's most prominent sponsor, Nike. So, this obviously begs the question, is this a good move on Nike's part? My first instinct says Nike needs to maintain its distance from the fallen former prodigy - but is that a bit short sighted on my part? If there's one thing America loves, it's a winner, and you know Tiger will win again. And for better or for worse, winning seems to be the cure-all elixir for public image problems among professional athletes, Dwight Gooden notwithstanding.

(Seriously, give this video a minute before moving on - so worth it.)

Now we've all heard the juvenile golf jokes and immature quips about some of the companies who have sponsored, or continue to sponsor Tiger Woods (Nike - Just do it; Accenture - High performance delivered; and my personal favorite Gatorade - Is it in you?). And while I typically would avoid such childish cheap shots, I can't help myself here. Here's a little list of some companies and their tag lines (past or present) that Tiger could consider aligning himself with - feel free to add to this list.

L'Oreal - "Because I'm worth it"
Timex - "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking."
Las Vegas - "What happens here stays here"
AT&T - "Reach out and touch someone"
Energizer - "It just keeps going and going"
Holiday Inn - "Pleasing people the world over"
Courage Tavern Ale - "It's what your right arm's for"
Exxon - "Put a little tiger in your tank"


We'll be here all week folks - leave comments, let's discuss.

- TS

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