Monday, March 29, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Alex Chilton was important and Katy Perry is still kissing girls

There are some blogs who start the day with a plethora of links for you, the lovely reader, to browse upon throughout your work day, or, for that matter, while you suffer through a professor's lecture. This blog? Well, we plan to post our collection of links for you to ponder toward the end of the day. Because honestly, who's actually still thinking about work after 2 p.m., anyways? Besides, by the time you get home, you always need something to fall back on when Yahoo isn't working, right?

Did you know Alex Chilton was planning on performing at SXSW? (Pitchfork)

Vanity Fair hates The Huffington Post (Mediaweek)

Women. Sex. Pregnancy. (CNN)

Katy + Russell can't last more than two years (MTV)

Jim Marshall died. John Mayer cared. (One Forty)

Because the New York Jets were in the AFC title game this year. (New York Times)

Norman Chad and media feuds. (Washington Post)

Yep. That Genesis reunion is never going to happen. (Rolling Stone)

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