Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So who’s up for a Wii party?

When I was in college I was somewhat of a gamer – not a hardcore, virgin living in my parents basement gamer, but I got down with Madden and Halo from time to time. Ya that’s right, Madden 07; when you could still run the “Sweep Right” in the I-formation 35 times a game and still win the rushing title with Larry Johnson or Shaun Alexander (… who?). Recognize.

After college I had this lull where I had no gaming system, so my wife bought me a Nintendo Wii for Christmas last year… Yes, I am in fact a 13 year old child.

Anyways, don’t get me wrong, the Wii is super fun – I’m all about bowling and tennis and the like – but it doesn’t quite quench the thirst for a real gaming system, you know? There are no fatalities, stealthy assassinations or any of that cool blood and guts kind of stuff. There’s no controller with 10 different buttons… come to think of it, the Wii controller actually looks more like one of those “self massagers” from the Fingerhut mail order catalogs.

The Wii definitely has one distinct advantage though: it’s acceptable to have a Wii party. People come over, have a few beers, maybe an appetizer, and everyone plays and enjoy themselves. There’s nothing creepy or loserish about it all. But an Xbox 360 party? How ridiculous is that? Seriously, will the dudes (because clearly there are no females present) actually be braiding one another’s hair and playing truth or dare? Having an Xbox 360 party is up there with dudes who dress up for comic book conventions and adult baseball card collectors.

So who’s up for a Wii party?

- TS

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  1. When the kid hits the other kid in the face with the wii cntroller I peed a little. :P